Shaw's: New Manager Will Continue to Support 'Blue Bag-it' Program

Shaw's new store manager, Bill White, said he will continue the "Blue Bag-it" program which supports the Medfield Food Cupboard. The program was created last year by Medfield High School senior Jane Garofalo.

Shaw's in Medfield has a new store manager who said he will continue the "Blue Bag-It" program, a convenient and popular way for shoppers to support the local food pantry. 

Bill White, the new Medfield Shaw's Store Manager, said, "I've never seen anyone like [creator Jane Garofalo]...Shaw's is proud to be a part of this program."

Garofalo is a Medfield High School senior and creator of the program that has come to be a crucial part of the food donations received during the summer months in Medfield.  She is thrilled that Shaw's will continue to support the program.

Garofalo came up with the idea when she realized that shoppers see the large food pantry donation boxes on their way into the store and intend to purchase a food item during their shopping trip but sometimes forget.   

The  is an easy way for Shaw's customers to support the Medfield Food Cupboard by simply grabbing a blue bag and a pre-printed grocery list of most-needed food pantry items. After check-out, customers place the blue bags in the food collection bins at the Shaw's exits.

Food pantry volunteers then pick up the blue bags from Shaw's twice a week and the donations are stored in the designated basement area of the  on Main Street. 

Food Cupboard volunteers told Patch in that they have seen more consistent and better-quality donations since the program began.

"I would have to say that at least half the food that comes in from Shaw's is in the blue bags. This also means the food is from our most needed items which is wonderful," said Medfield Food Cupboard Vice President Caren McElhenny.

Garofalo said that summer donations are very important to the food pantry and that, with less people staying in Medfield during the summer months, the Medfield Food Cupboard relies on the generosity of those whose who support the Blue Bag-it program.


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