Pan Mass Challenge Rides Through Medfield [PHOTOS]

Hundreds of PMC riders passed through Medfield center on Saturday morning to the cheers of many Medfield bystanders.

Medfield was a busy place as hundreds of Pan Mass Challenge bicycle riders passed through the center of town. 

Even though it was an extremely hot day, many of the riders smiled and waved to the bystanders as they rode past. 

More than 5,400 cyclists participated in this year's PMC, according to an announcement from the PMC Monday.

The ride drew riders from 36 states, including 36 riders from Medfield, as well as nine countries to take part in the event. Cyslists road up to 190 miles over the course of two days with the goal of raising $36 million to help fund research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. 

All donations raised by these riders goes directly to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

The final sum raised will be announced in November, as donations will be accepted until Oct. 1. If the fundraising goal is met, the PMC will have raised a total of $374 million over the course of 33 years.

U.S. Senators John Kerry (MA-D) and Scott Brown (MA-R) and U.S. Army Chief of Staff (retired) General George Casey were among the 5,450 cyclists who rode.

(and their eGift ID numbers) included:

  • Mauro Lucchesi, ML0201
  • Charles Augustini, CA0103
  • Peter Augustini, PA0058
  • Curt Bletzer, CB0078
  • Kathryn Boole, KB0187
  • Gerard Branka, GB0128
  • Gregory Bunce GB0127
  • Jim Buzgo, JB0557
  • Lisa Cahill, MN0033 
  • Matthew Cahill, MC0445
  • Louis Cappucci, LC0131
  • Michael Cappucci, MC0402
  • James Carnes, JC0356
  • Lino Carrieri, LC0097
  • Veronica Chouinard, VC0026
  • Jaems Coughlin, JC0353
  • Renee Coughlin, RC0179
  • Cuan Coulter, CC0267
  • Anthony DeLuca, AD0063
  • Elaine DeLuca, ED0038
  • Eileen DeSisto, ED0065
  • James DeSisto, JD0411
  • Timothy Dolan, TD0045
  • William Dron, WD0019
  • Michael Filosa, MF0153
  • David Fischer, DF0006
  • John Frasca, JF0011
  • Suzanne Frasca, SF0134
  • Beth Ganem, GB0150
  • Adam Goldstein, AG0161
  • Marissa Goldstein, MG0222
  • John Harvey, JH0207
  • Roger Hobby, RH0058
  • Kurt Hudson, KH0189
  • Janice Kafka, JK0128
  • Greg Kenney, GK0025
  • Stephen Kjellman, SK0006
  • David Lafreniere, DL0085
  • Todd Langton, TL0001
  • Christopher Laplante, CL0144
  • Peter Martin, PM0233
  • Robert Mintz, RM0031
  • Bill Mitchell, BM0200
  • Meredith Mitchell, MM0382
  • Stephen Nawrocki, SN0064
  • Dan O’Donnell, DO0061
  • Mike O’Hara, MO0084
  • John Poirier, JP0192
  • Mark Price, MP0175
  • Michael Quinlan, MQ0010
  • David Shapiro, DS0291
  • Laurel Sullivan, LS0235
  • Patrick Sullivan, PS0188
  • Christopher Varner, CV0044
  • Amy Wheeler, AW0092
  • Bob Willis, BW0034
  • Julie Willis, JW0025


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