Pet of the Week: Molly the Beagle

Molly was the Medfield Animal Shelter’s “pet of the week” last week but is back again after her pre-arranged surrender did not go as smoothly as planned.

Molly arrived at the Medfield Animal Shelter last week as a pre-arranged surrender.  Her family had one young child and then a premature baby and they felt Molly was not getting enough attention.

Kim Agricola of the Medfield Animal Shelter describes Molly as a “plucky little beagle” who is “easygoing and sweet, loves her car rides…and is thrilled to go for her short walks when she isn’t taking long naps on her fleece next to the [shelter's] manager's chair.”

Molly's surrender did not go as smoothly as planned.

Before dropping off Molly, the previous owners sent photos of a very chubby, bright and alert middle-aged Beagle cutie, said Agricola, but the dog that arrived looked nothing like those photos.

After being rushed to the Farm Street Veterinary Clinic for immediate medical care, Molly is now ready for adoption and the photo attached was taken upon her return from the vet.

Agricola said that, when Molly arrived at the shelter, she was dirty, wreaked of a urinary tract infection, her ears were horribly infected, and bloody tears streamed down her face.  She was blind and could not stand upright.  She either fell over or walked in circles, and then collapsed in a pool of urine.

“The owner thought Molly was fine and insisted that the dog had just been feeling sad due to the lack of attention since the baby’s arrival,” said Agricola.  

The veterinarian had a different diagnosis. 

It was discovered that Molly had severe ear infections in both ears all the way down to her inner ears, and was partially deaf due to the long-term effects.  She was also partially blind which was why she was walking into walls and could not walk in a straight line.

Blood work revealed a massive infection from multiple sources.  The vet started her on four medications and fluids, and she was tended to by shelter volunteers on her first night away from her previous owners.

“Fortunately, she started improving right away and let us know what a little trooper she is,” said Agricola, adding that – at Molly’s one-week checkup – her sight is almost completely restored and she can walk in a straight line, but she remains partially deaf.

“Her spirits are much brighter and she greeted her vet with wags and a woof when presented with a cookie to eat,” said Agricola. 

Part of the recheck visit was an x-ray which revealed that Molly has been dealing with pneumonia and has had bladder stones for at least two years that were not treated.  She now needs surgery to remove them.  

Agricola said the animal shelter – which has limited funds and volunteers – is not the ideal place for Molly.

“Being the kind of shelter we are, we don’ back away from an animal in need once it is in our care,” she said.  “We are trying to find a way to help Molly get all the care she needs to get well and then find her next home.”

If you are interested in donating toward Molly’s bladder surgery, fostering her during her recuperation, or adopting her, visit www.MedfieldShelter.com, email info@medfieldshelter.com or call 508-359-8989. 


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