Pet of the Week: Bryce the Rabbit

Meet Bryce, a friendly rabbit that is active and would be a great pet for a family with kids.

When Bryce was a baby, he was adopted from the Medfield Animal Shelter. 

Now, a few years later, the Jersey Wooly rabbit is back at the shelter because his owner is moving to England and cannot take the rabbit with him.

“Jersey Wooly rabbits are noted for their docile nature, gentle dispositions, and easy-to-care-for coats,” said Kim Agricola of the animal shelter. 

“Bryce's cage was in our lobby when he first arrived, and he came right over to say ‘Hi’ to a few of the dogs,” she said.

Agricola said Bryce would be a “great pet for a family with kids.”

Rabbits are active, gentle pets that are happiest and healthiest when they have a large clean cage, lots of play time out of their cage, and plenty of fresh hay and veggies daily.

All of the Medfield Shelter's bunnies are indoor pets and would not do well outside in a hutch.

If you are interested in adopting a rabbit from our shelter, you will need to fill out the adoption application.  

You can see all pets available for adoption by visiting http://MedfieldShelter.com


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