Committee Plans Vietnam Veterans Plaque at Blake Middle School

The Medfield Veterans’ Plaque Committee has begun planning to erect a plaque honoring Vietnam War Veterans at Blake Middle School.

Members of the Medfield Veterans' Plaque Committee are hard at work planning and fundraising to bring a third veterans' plaque to a Medfield School.

In the fall of 2010, The Medfield Veterans' Plaque Committee, made up of local townspeople, began planning a series of veteran memorial plaques at Medfield schools.

The program was developed to both honor hometown veterans and to foster a sense of pride and connection between students then and students now. The first task was completed last Memorial Day when Medfield held a who attended Hannah Adams Pfaff High School (HAPHS), now the . Subsequently on .

The committee, which includes Superintendent of Schools Bob Maguire, Nancy Kelly-Lavin from , town historian Richard DeSorgher, Principal Nat Vaughn, veterans and members of the Lee Tredway and Tony Centore, and Veteran Services Officer Ron Griffin is now planning a plaque to honor these Vietnam War veterans.

This is particularly poignant as this year will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. Recently, the committee was approached by Medfield Boy Scout Sam Marble, who came up with the idea of having the Vietnam Memorial located outside in the grassed circle between Curt Schilling Field and Blake Middle School.

Marble's plan, currently under construction, includes a paved walkway and a viewing area centered around the existing flagpole. Marble's effort is part of his application for an Eagle Scout Award. The committee is currently investigating a stone monument with a bronze plaque inset within this paved area. DeSorgher and Griffin are currently cross referencing student and veteran names to come up with a final list for a dedication on Veterans Day 2012.

Persons or relatives who served during the Vietnam Era (Feb. 28, 1961 to May 7, 1975) and attended the Amos Clark Kingsbury High School are encouraged to contact Griffin at rgriffin@medfield.net or call him at (508) 906-3025) to be sure they are included on the memorial.

Donations for this continuing and worthy project can still be made out to “Medfield Foundation” at 459 Main Street, Medfield MA.

Please note on the check or enclosure “Veterans Plaque Fund.” Donations can also be dropped off at Lord's. In addition, the committee hopes that all Medfield military veterans will participate in this important town project.

A Message From Marble to Blake Middle School Students:

"Greetings Students and Families of the Blake Middle School. I am Sam Marble, and as you may or may not know by now, I have been running my Eagle Scout Project, which, working in conjunction with the town and some scouts, was to build the patio that now resides in front of the office of the middle school. This patio, while aesthetically pleasing and is a nice place for students to gather at the end of the day, actually will soon serve a completely different purpose: to provide a home for a Vietnam Veterans Memorial, while still providing a place for students to gather. When I was first tasked with figuring out what I wanted to do for my project, I knew that I wanted to dedicate my project to Veterans. After all, the men and women who put their lives in danger to protect and to shape this country ought to be recognized for their service. After thinking for a while about what I would do, I was approached by my uncle, whom, having just heard of my project, decided to come forward with some information he had never shared with me before. He began telling me about his experience in the Vietnam War, specifically, about how every soldier was treated upon returning home. He described how, instead of returning as heroes as their fathers and grandfathers had, the soldiers of the Vietnam War were looked down upon, called " war mongers" and were treated as murderers. This struck me. How could someone, who volunteered their life for their country (or was forced to by the draft) be treated so horribly? After all, they were only carrying out orders. It was at that time that I became inspired to dedicate my project to the veterans of the Vietnam War. Now, almost five months later, my Eagle Project is drawing to a close, and although it does not directly memorialize the efforts of the veterans, I feel that constructing a home for such a memorial is just as important, and I would like to thank my uncle for inspiring me to build it."


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