Schilling Gets 38 Percent of Vote for Baseball Hall of Fame

No one, including Medfield's Curt Schilling, was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this year.

No one will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this year.

Not one of the several candidates eligible to be inducted into the Cooperstown institution earned enough votes, including Medfield's Curt Schilling.

The Boston Herald reports the star pitcher, who took the Boston Red Sox to the World Series in 2004 and 2007, is okay with that.

The Herald quoted Schilling on ESPN (where he is a baseball analyst) as saying on Wednesday, “If there was ever a ballot and a year to make a statement about what we didn’t do as players, which is we didn’t actively push to get the game clean, this is it.”  

Schilling was referring to the use of steroids by some baseball players, including some on the list of Hall of Fame nominees.

The successful candidate needed 75 percent of the vote to be inducted.

According to boston.redsox.mlb.com, Schilling -- who sported the #38 jersey for Red Sox Nation -- received 221 votes (or 38.8 percent) in his first year eligible for the honor. 

Click here to see how The Boston Globe sports writers voted on this year's ballot.

Click here for Schilling's stats at www.baseball-almanac.com


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