Students from Bengbu Excited about Exchange Program

Students tell Medfield Patch they are excited to be in Medfield.


Last week, Medfield middle and high school students welcomed five students and three teachers from China as part of its cultural exchange program with its sister school in Bengbu, China. 

After a welcoming ceremony on Friday, the students told Medfield Patch they were excited to be in Medfield.

"I'm excited because the people are warm and they're glad to see us," Windy Ye said.

"I'm very excited to be here because of the great culture and this great country and the great people and they're very good to me," Angl Lee said. 

Rose Wang was also excited.

"The people here are very warm-hearted and they're very kind to us," Wang said. "I think it's just like home. I think Medfield is very beautiful." 

The students are part of a cultural exchange program between Medfield and Bengbu, led by Superintendent Bob Maguire, that is meant to enrich the district's Mandarin language program and broaden all students' cultural awareness. 

At the assembly last week, Maguired encouraged Medfield students to get to know the exchange students during their three-week stay.

"I encourage you to take the opportunity to get to know the student visitors and the teachers while they're here," Maguire said.

The visiting students are split between the Blake Middle School and Medfield High School. There are also two full-year exchange students at the high school. 


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