Student Council Rep Says School Committee Experience was "Awesome"

Evan Berry, the MHS school committee representative and a member of the Class of 2012, thanked the School Committee for his time on the committee.

At his final school committee meeting last month, Student Council Representative (and Class of 2012 graduate) Evan Berry thanked the Medfield School Committee for the opportunity to serve on the board.

“Being on the school committee has been awesome,” he told the committee at its June meeting. 

“When you’re in Kindergarten, you don’t understand how much goes into your education, you just see what goes on in the classroom and, even now in high school, it’s such an interesting perspective to see really how special a place Medfield is,” he said.

Berry said that he has been touched personally by his experience in Medfield and it makes him want to go into education.   He said he referenced much of his experience in his speech given the day before. 

He said it was also interesting to learn statistics that show the Medfield Public School system provides an excellent education.

“Knowing stuff like per pupil spending, and knowing that even a simple statistic like that highlights how special our teachers are,” he said.  

“Just by being on the school committee has really shown me that people care about what goes into kids’ education and it’s really something that’s invaluable; it’s been an awesome experience."


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