PHOTO GALLERY: Wheelock Held Final Presidential Debate on Monday

On the last day before the country voted for the President of the United States of America, one final Presidential debate was held in Medfield -- at the Ralph Wheelock School.

Did you know that President Barack Obama and Govenor Mitt Romney held yet another debate on Monday, and it was in Medfield.  Vice President Joe Biden and Vice President candidate Paul Ryan, and their campaign managers were there as well.

Well, kind of.

Actually, the "candidates" were Blake Middle School sixth grade Social Studies students, and those asking the questions were Wheelock Elementary School third grade students.

The panel of 10 reporters (each one representing their third grade district/classroom), two timekeepers, a moderator, and an assistant moderator took control of the mock debate that all third grade students attended.

Wheelock third grade classroom teachers, Mrs. Lynn and Ms. Dipesa, and Blake's Social Studies teacher and Koala Cluster Leader, Mr. Gow, coordinated the event.

Both candidates were cordial to each other and were very well prepared for the questions each reporter asked regarding issues that were important to voters in Medfield.


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