Over 200 Volunteers Throw All Night Party for Medfield High Graduates

The theme at the 19th annual All Night Graduation Party was Social Networking.

Facebook, smartphones, iPads, texting and tweeting – it has to be Social Networking

While honor essayist Kathryn Berger said at Sunday's Medfield High School graduation that she hopes her and the rest of the will not be remembered for Facebook and social media, she said it was a big part of their generation and that it is nice to be remembered for "technological innovation."

On Sunday night, thanks to the efforts of more than 200 volunteers, their world of social media and pop culture came to life in the halls and rooms of Medfield High School at the 19th Annual All Night Graduation Party. 

"Each year a new theme is picked and fresh ideas are put to paper," said ANGP co-chair Nancy Braverman. "In the younger grades there are plenty of opportunities to be involved in your child's life. As they get older, there is so much less involvement. This is one way to help them celebrate all their hard work.The high school years seem to be the years that go by the fastest. It was amazing to witness the many devoted volunteers committed to pulling off this night. From school administration, police and fire to restaurants, many parents , peers and siblings. This is such a great community dedicated to enriching our children's lives."

As students entered the doors of the gymnasium from the MHS parking lot, they were greeted by a large sign that read "Congratulations Class of 2011" and a large Facebook page resembling the Class of 2011, with photos of the grads included. 

The halls were themed from video games and music to walls full of memories and past events. There was a casino hall, tattoo tables (relax parents, it was air brush), games, a quiet room that resembled Hinkley Park. 

The cafeteria looked a lot like Main Street, with many landmark businesses created around the room, including a spectacular replica of Lord's Department Store. 

"Recreating Medfield for the kids helps them share the memories with their classmates as they start the new chapters in their lives," Braverman said. 

There was also a dance floor in the cafeteria and a DJ to provide musical entertainment. 

The purpose of the All Night Graduation Party, according to Braverman, is to provide the graduating seniors a safe environment to celebrate their accomplishments with each other. 

"This party, which provides 7 hours of activities, food and fun to celebrate and say goodbye to the high school years in a safe, substance-free environment," she said.

Planning for the event began in November and the decorating crew started weekly workshops in March, but many of the volunteers took their work home with them. 

"Many volunteers made their decorations at their homes," Braverman said. 

Medfield resident Colleen Sullivan commended all the hard work turned in by volunteers in making the 19th Annual ANGP a success.

"It's an incredible amount of work, and time to put such an event together," Sullivan said. "I have done a small amount in past years. The kids get such a kick of it when they see it and it's a great event for everyone. The moms and dads that do the bulk of the work should be highly commended."

View the photo gallery above for a closer look at the ANGP. 


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