Music Association Offers Big Thanks to Supporters

Medfield Music Association. Credit: medfieldmusic.com
Medfield Music Association. Credit: medfieldmusic.com
The following information was taken from the Medfield Music Association's December newsletter. 

To date, the Medfield Music Association has collected more than $6,000 in donations from its music families. Click here to view the complete list of our patrons. 

Said the MMA in its newsletter, "To everyone who made a donation to support the MMA's mission to enhance the award-winning Medfield Music Program: Thank you! Being in a solid financial position at this time of year allows us to readily approve requests for things like teaching tools and professional development, visiting artists and coaches, performance expenses, and so much more." 

The MMA accepts donations all year long. If you'd like to become a patron sponsor, just click here to download the form.

To find out more about the MMA, click here


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