MHS Theatre Society Presents "The Servant of Two Masters" This Weekend

A preview of the Medfield High School Theatre Society play which will be presented on Friday and Saturday.

Here is a preview of this weekend's Medfield High School Theatre Society's production of "The Servant of Two Masters," written by Carlo Goldoni and adapted by David Turner and Paul Lapworth.

Performances will be Friday, Nov. 2 and Saturday, Nov. 3 at 7 p.m. in the Medfield High School auditorium.

Tickets cost $10 each and are available by ordering online at www.medfielddrama.weebly.com or at Lord's Department Store.   

The Medfield High School Theatre Society's website describes "The Servant of Two Masters" as:

The most famous of Goldoni's skillful adaptations of comedia dell'arte tells the story of the terrible complications wrought by the servant Truffaldino who gets himself jobs with two different people at the same time.  Not all the complications are of his making.  One of his 'masters' is in fact a lady in disguise and the other master is her lover, but Truffaldino doesn't know this.  This is only one of the comic elements in a plot that sparkles with invention!


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