Medfield Students Elect Obama in Mock Election

A mock election was held in Medfield grades 4-12 this week. See if the children's election results mirror the adult's results.


While the adults were off to the polls on Tuesday, so were Medfield's school children.

A mock election was held at Dale Street Elementary School as well as Blake Middle School, and Medfield High School. 

Here is a look at the mock election poll results:

Dale Street Elementary School (grades 4-5)

President: Barack Obama (184) and Mitt Romney (222)

U.S. Senate: Scott Brown (312) and Elizabeth Warren (95)

Coordinated by Fifth Grade teachers Mrs. Cowell and Mr. Mason who had voting booths set up in their classrooms.

Blake Middle School (grades 6-8)

President: Obama (53%) and Romney (47%) 

Medfield High School (grades 9-12)

President: Obama (407 or 53%) and Romney (314 or 41%). Also, Stein (30 or 4%) and Johnson (18 or 2%)  

Senator: Brown (532 or 71%) and Warren (221 or 29%)

Representative 4th District: Joe Kennedy III (367 or 56%) and Sean Bielat (216 or 33%). Also, David Rosa (68 or 11%)

The high school election was overseen by the Social Studies department.


What do you think about the children's election results compared to those of the adults? Tell us in the comment box below. 


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