Medfield Public Schools to Open After Labor Day Next Year

Medfield's first day of school for the 2012-2013 calendar year is Tuesday, Sept. 4.

Medfield students will enjoy a longer summer in 2012, as the first day of school won't be until after Labor Day, according to Superintendent of Schools Bob Maguire.

"This is a late year," Maguire said of the 2012-2013 Calendar.

The calendar, which can be viewed in the PDF file in the photo gallery above, was approved by the School Committee at its March 19 meeting and shows the first day of school for Medfield students, grades 1 through 12, will be Tuesday, Sept. 4. Kindergarten opens on Sept. 10. Teachers will report to their classrooms on Wednesday, Aug. 29 and Thursday, April 30 before breaking for the holiday weekend.

"No one is in on Friday, Aug. 31," Maguire said. "Monday is a holiday and school would start Tuesday for the students."

Teachers were originally scheduled to report back to school on Tuesday, Aug. 28 and Wednesday, Aug. 29 but after a conversation with Joanne Schmidt, president of the Medfield Teachers' Association, Maguire opted to make the change.

"As part of the process that we use with the calendar, we send a draft of the calendar to the teachers' association and ask for their input," Maguire said. "We received input back that the association would prefer to have the first two days on Wednesday [Aug. 29] and Thursday [Aug. 30]. After talking with Joanne [Schmidt] about it, we circled back to the administrative team and we did not have a serious concern about that request."

Maguire's only concern with the teachers' schedule before school opens Tuesday, Sept. 4, is it limits the opportunity for last-minute adjustments.

"Probably the biggest issue there is that we don’t have all the staff in on Friday," Maguire said. "The ability to do some quick fine-tuning things is a little bit constrained but not serious enough to prevent us from adhering to their request."

Maguire said another change to the calendar this coming year is that instead of having five days contractual days, the district will have four.

"The day that we eliminated is a day we used to have at the very end of the year where all the teachers came back," Maguire said. "That day has been eliminated contractually."

Graduation for the Medfield High School Class of 2013 will be held on Sunday, June 2. The last day of school for students is scheduled for Friday, June 21.

Other Notable Dates:

  • Thanksgiving recess will be from Wednesday, Nov. 21 to Friday, Nov. 23.
  • December vacation will be held from Monday, Dec. 24 to Tuesday, Jan. 1.
  • Winter vacation will be held from Monday, Feb. 18 to Friday, Feb. 22.
  • Spring vacation will be held from Monday, April 15 to Friday, April 19.
  • Medfield's five storm days are scheduled to be made-up from June 24-28.


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