Medfield Korean War Veterans to Be Honored Thursday at Dale Street School

A ceremony will be held at Dale Street School Thursday, Nov. 10 at 9 a.m. to honor Medfield’s Korean War Veterans with a plaque at the entrance of the building.

On Thursday, students at the will participate in a unique assembly as they engage and learn about Veterans Day through a ceremony honoring Medfield’s Korean War veterans.

“There’s going to be a student assembly to help the students honor and recognize Veterans Day and in this case the veterans from the Korean War,” Bob Maguire, Superintendent of Medfield Public Schools said. “[The veterans are] going to be on the stage and introduced and there will be a school-based ceremony with the kids involved.”

Thursday’s ceremony is a continuation of the ceremony as Medfield’s Veterans’ Plaque Committee honored the town’s World War II veterans with a plaque rededication at the entrance of the school in advance of Memorial Day weekend.

“We built upon the idea to have similar plaques for each of the wars and connect them to the [school] buildings,” said Maguire. “We decided we would do the Korean one next. It will mirror [the World War II plaque] at the [Dale Street School] location and be installed at the opposite doors of the school.”

Maguire said a lot of research by plaque committee members Richard DeSorgher and Ron Griffin has resulted in what the committee believes to be a complete list of Korean War veterans who attended Dale Street School, which at the time was the town’s Pfaff High School.

“[DeSorgher and Griffin] for the most part took on the task of researching the people who had attended Dale Street, which was then the Pfaff High School,” Maguire said. “They went through all the old school records and compared that against various different monuments that were on town as well as what the Veterans’ Agent had for records. They were able to come up with what they think is a complete listing of anybody that attended the then high school.”

The research efforts of the committee made it possible for upwards of 10 to 12 veterans, who’s names will appear on the plaque, to be present and recognized at Thursday’s ceremony. Maguire said the number of veterans expected to attend has been on the rise over the past couple of days.

“[The committee] was still working on [the number of veterans to attend] as recently as [Tuesday],” Maguire said. “They sent out letters and had a number of responses but started making phone calls over the last couple of days so the number has been going up.”

In addition to the veterans and their family and friends, members from the Medfield community will be in attendance. The ceremony is also open to the general public.

“The School Committee, Board of Selectmen and Town Administrator have been invited," Maguire said.

The plaque committee has also heard back from state representative Denise Garlick and Senator James Timilty, who will be in attendance.

The ceremony, which begins at 9 a.m., will be held indoors due to “weather concerns” and will involve the students, who according to Maguire will be participating and “doing different things” throughout the assembly.

“Should be a great event,” Maguire said.

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