Fourth Grade Annual Cemetery Treasure Hunt

Fourth grade students from Dale Street participated in this annual fall event but, because of inclimate weather, some children will have to wait until Spring.


Earlier this month, about 80 fourth graders in two separate groups walked from Dale Street Elementary School to Vine Lake Cemetery for a morning of different activities.

Using a treasure hunt designed by Vine Lake Preservation Trust, students and teachers hunted for answers at 10 different gravesites  in the old section of the cemetery which was founded in 1651. Those "treasures" focused on history and art while other activities, led by their teachers, focused on nature exploration and creative writing. 

This educational program is one of many Vine Lake cultural opportunities available to people of all ages at the cemetery.

For weather reasons, five Dale Street classes had to be rescheduled until May when they will follow the same program. 

The preceding information was taken from Quiet Voices, the monthly newsletter distributed by Vine Lake Preservation Trust (which was founded to preserve, enhance, interpret and celebrate Medfield's historic Vine Lake Cemetery).  

For more information on the cemetery or the Trust, visit www.vinelakepreservationtrust.org


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