"Dancing with the Warriors" Showcases Ballroom Dancing at Medfield High School

Article by Brianne Lawler, a Medfield High School student and member of the student newspaper, "The Kingsbury Chronicle." This piece is part of Medfield Patch's series, "Warrior Weekly."

Ballroom dancing at Medfield High School. Courtesy photo.
Ballroom dancing at Medfield High School. Courtesy photo.
By Brianne Lawler

At Medfield High School, Wellness teacher Ms. Karen Renaud is known for more than just finding fun ways to teach first aid or personal safety. Ms. Renaud is also the ballroom dance teacher at MHS. She instructs even the students with no rhythm whatsoever and two left feet to glide and float effortlessly to different types of music.

As this class, described by many juniors and seniors as their “favorite class of the day,” starts to come to an end as second semester approaches, they get ready for their showcase. Senior Joe Arthur said, “I can’t wait for the showcase because we will get to show off everything we have learned this semester to our friends and family.”

All of the performances of Ms. Renaud’s classes in the past have been excellent, but this year’s is supposed to be truly amazing. Senior Julia Parsloe said, “With all of the different personalities in our class the dances are sure to be interesting. We all mesh so well together, and I’m sad the semester is ending.”

The ballroom dance students will not be alone in showing off their new skills at this performance. The Medfield High School students will be joined by several other ballroom dancers including the dance teams from Boston University, Holy Cross, WPI, and Roger Williams. Another exciting guest is Medfield’s very own fifth grader Peter Moiseyeva, a student in Mr. White's class at Dale Street. Peter and his partner Esther Dashevsky, from Norwood, started dancing when Peter was seven and Esther was five. When Ms. Renaud went to Dale Street School last year to introduce ballroom dancing, she was blown away by Peter and the skill level he possessed.  Ms. Renaud explained that last November, they won their division in Jive at the Gold skill level and placed fourth in Rumba at the All Stars Junior Dancesport Competition in New Jersey. They also won all first places in Latin at Yankee Classic competition in Boston this past June. Performing their award-winning Jive, a Rumba and a Cha Cha for us, Peter and Esther are expected to be very impressive.

Another guest couple performing at the showcase is the prestigious Rachael Capodanno and Josh Morgenstein. These professionals compete throughout the US and Canada. Capodanno and Morgenstein performed at the showcase last year, and were invited back after such a big success. They will be performing a West Coast Swing, Samba and a Foxtrot.

Ms. Renaud’s ballroom dance classes are showcasing their dances on Saturday, February 1st at 1 pm and anyone is welcome. Tickets are $5 for Medfield students and senior citizens, $8 for adults. All proceeds go back into the ballroom program, which requires financial support to continue. In the past, the proceeds from the showcases have been used for professional choreography training for the students, and the funds raised at this showcase will go towards the program next year. Tickets can be purchased from ballroom students, Ms. Renaud, or at the main office, and they will go on sale the week of the show. Purchase your tickets ahead of time to ensure you get one! The showcase is expected to be quite a hit, and I recommend you all take the trip to watch.


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