Blake Middle School Showcases Musical Talents at Winter Concert

Seventh and eighth grade choruses, orchestras take stage at Medfield High School.

All the hard work and dedication to music paid off for the seventh and eighth grade choruses and orchestras Thursday night.

The middle school musicians showcased their talents during their winter concert at the auditorium in front of parents, family and friends.

"I thought the concert went really well," said Sharon Woodworth, Blake's seventh and eighth grade orchestra director. "I was very excited, the students have worked very hard and it was very fun to play with them and fun to work with them, I thought they did an excellent job."

The seventh and eighth grade orchestras performed two pieces together: "Petite Tango," written by C.B. Kriechbaum and "Rite at Stonehenge," written by Elliot Del Borgo. The eighth grade orchestra performed a mystical piece titled "Mythos," written by Soon Hee Newbold and the Blake Chamber Strings performed "Ashokan Farewell," written by Jay Ugar / Arr. Calvin Custer.

The students have been preparing for this concert since the beginning of the school year and meet in school for just 40 minutes, twice a week, said Woodworth.

"We have great students, we have really supportive parents, we have good administrators," said Woodworth. "This has been my first year teaching in Medfield and it has been a great experience to be able to fit into the community."

The winter concert began with the seventh and eighth grade choruses directed by Margo Nothnagel and was accompanied by Sid Arun on piano. The seventh graders performed three songs, singing: "Music in You," words by Joseph M. Martin and music by J. Paul Williams; "The Candelight Canon," written by Audrey Snyder and "I Give You a Song," written by Amy F. Bernon.

The eighth grade chorus also performed three songs: "The Turtle Dove," written by Linda Steen Spevacek; "Carol of the Bells," written by Patrick M. Liebergen and "Flying Free," written by Don Besig.

"I'm impressed that we had so many [parents] come," said Woodworth. "I think we had almost all the parents here which is great."

Members of the 7th Grade Chorus

Part 1

Julia Adrian; Julianne Bennotti; Caroline Brassil; Lizzie Bryant; Jen Cochran; Amanda Coulombe; Delia Davis; Kathleen Diana; Katie Ellard; Laura Farragher-Gemma; Hannah Frawley; Kaitlyn Geraghty; Emma Graziano; Amy Johanson; Maureen Kinyanjui; Lexi Lenehan; Sarah McLafferty; Alina Musto; Allie Newlon; Kate Peterson; Kiera Rowe; Jane Rhuda; Dana Russell; Kathryn Vagnini; Jessica Varner; Kira Wirsig

Part 2

Emily Arcari; Sid Arun; Nicole Chadwick; Eileen Lent; Douglas Connolly; Kathryn Clower; Dith Cox; Kaitlyn Davidson; Abbey Gibson; Dana Gill; Jayne Gotham; Lauren Hobby; Kevin Keis; Charlotte Kjellman; Julia Masterson; Rose Marcel; Andrew Maritan; Emma Nedell; Grace Petrie; Brooke Raffone; Michaela Reddy; Emma Rosenblatt; Molly Shea; Abbey Spaeth; Julia Marie Sprofera; Nat Michele Sprofera; Lauren Strikeleather

Members of the 7th Grade Orchestra


Patrick Chambers; Alessandra Chicos; Sara Cohen; Sarah Crofts; Emma DeMille; Christina DeSantis; Carly Ellison; Emily Ganem; Matt Johnson; Sam Johnson; Nicole Keith; Emilio Luna; Thomas Lunn; Danielle McNeeley; Andrew Miller; Emily O'Donnell; Joseph Plumb; Garrison Qian; Elizabeth Raine; Olivia Taylor; Alyssa Yee; Skylar Yee; Olivia Taylor; Alyssa Yee


Jacob Berger; Nolan McGlame


Renee Clark; William Derian; Jack Farrell; Evan Gavrilles; Evan Howells; Zoe Smith; Gregory Sweeden


Aidan Cook; Matthew McKinney; Sean O'Connor

Members of the 8th Grade Chorus


Michelle Beggan; Alyssa Camillo; Julia Clifford; Cara Daybre; April Federico; Kelli Grafton; Risa Jones; Emily Marble; Dani Miano; Abbey O'Callaghan; Brittany Phelan; Xena Ras; Zoe Rybnikar; Kimberly Schubert; Lindsay Soderlund; Brianna Tocci; Alyssa Weisenfeld; Melody Wiklund; Angelina Zoppo


Ryan Belevance; Curt Bletzer; Zach Cussano; Patrick Dolan; Kyle Erickson; Gavin Etzhord; Frank Ficcardi; Paul Hardimann; Kyle Kaldy; Connor Kilkenny; Andrew letai; Niall Matthews; Brendan McManus; Max Sullivan; Jack Scannell; Thomas Sievewright; Anthony Springett; Konstantino Stamoulis; Joshua Tobin; Joshua Trigg


Tara Beckwith; Katie Bernard; Sarah Bonde; Kristin Buscone; Melissa Chapski; Julia Crowe; Elizabeth Curbow; Marissa Davis; Nikki Deluca; Laura Diggans; Haley Dolan; Maeve Driscoll; Elissa Erickson; Anastasia Fields; Jackie Flint; Sarah Fristoe; Colleen Gair; Alison Gorog; Elise Greitzer; Jenny Harrity; Emma Haskell; Olivia Jangenn; Sophie Lang; Olivia Leiwant; Samantha Newman; Alison Mandell; Abigail McGlone; Payton Ouimette; Erin Quinn; Gabriella Schilling; Maggie Spinard; Elizabeth Taylor; Meghan Tibets; Haley Tsirch; Laura Tormey; Alex Vancura; Lauren Wong; Kendal Woods; Abigail Zajac; Emily Zona

Members of the 8th Grade Orchestra


Keleigh Boudreau; James Callahan; Jillian Craig; Sarah DelBene; Olivia Francis; Kyra Kramer; Parth Nanavati; McKenna Neeb; Jennifer Stavrakas; Lauren Tschirch


Madeline Craig


Alexander Santangelo


David Baler; Nick Fragola; Robert Passas


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