Blake Middle School Courtyard 9/11 Memorial was Revitalized by Medfield Boy Scouts

Members of Medfield Boy Scout Troops 10 and 89, along with the Medfield DPW, the Blake School custodians, and the Blake CSA are being thanked for their work on the 9/11 Memorial Courtyard revitalization project.

Medfield Boy Scout Troops 10 and 89 were thanked for their efforts to beautify the Courtyard Memorial for the 10-year anniversary of Sept. 11.

“In the spring of this year, Troop 10 volunteered to help revitalize the Courtyard for the 10th year anniversary of 9/11,” said Jenni Brady, CSA member and BMS Courtyard Chairperson. “Scouts and parents of both Troop 10 and Troop 89, along with Bobby Kennedy and the Medfield Department of Public Works, the Blake School custodians, and the BMS CSA (Community School Association) worked on the revitalization, completing the project on Sept. 7. It was a great group effort and I personally thank everyone who participated in this special memorial.”

Brady said that, in 2004, then Troop 10 Eagle Scout candidate Ian Costello decided to create a tribute/memorial at the BMS Courtyard as his Eagle Scout project. Years later, Troop 89 Eagle Scout candidate Justin Williams added a brick patio, walkways, garden area, and picnic tables.

Over the years, parents have added plants and perennials to enhance the courtyard.

The courtyard is often used as outdoor classroom space, said Blake Principal Nathanial Vaughn. 

“When the original project was created, this was ,” said Vaughn. “For the past several years, teachers used the space at various times throughout the year for outdoor projects or just a change in location for their classes … It is a great space that we are encouraging teachers to utilize.”

Vaughn said the Blake community is extremely thankful and appreciative of the initiative and efforts of the Boy Scouts to beautify the space.

“The 9/11 courtyard project is important as it serves as a reminder for all of us (students, staff, parents) about the value and importance of community,” he said. “As students walk by the courtyard as they go to class, it can be a steady reminder for everyone. It is a beautiful space.”

Continued upkeep of the courtyard will be a collaborative effort likely between the Boy Scouts and Blake students, including the school’s community service club, said Vaughn.

Meet the Volunteers:

Troop 10 Scouts: Andrew Allen, Kyle Andrulonis, Andrew Bond, Nick Derian, Peter Whelan, Adam D'Abate, Will Derian, Evan Gavrilles, Sam Johnson, Andrew Maritan, Paul Mulvihill, Sean O'Connor, Garrison Qian, Jeff Weintraub, Evan Springer, Tadhg Matthews, Chris Gauch, Mark Lavallee.

Troop 10 Adults: Dave Derian, Gary Wheeler, Bob Bond, Kim Bond, Mike Weintraub, Jeff Marble, Chris Gauch Sr, Clayton Springer, Ed Qian, Yuki Qian, Phil Gavrilles, Cindy Gavrilles, Susan Maritan, Nancy Allen, Kirsten D'Abate, Maureen Whelan, Jim Weglinski.

Troop 89 Scouts: Ben Wilson, Judson Rogers, William D'Angelo, Justin Plakias, Matt McKinney, Joey McKinney, Donovan Rogers.

Troop 89 Adults: Chris Rogers, Mike McGowan, Patti Schwartz, Greg Schwartz, Rick McKinney, Barry Rolling.


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