Blake Middle School Academic Year in Review: China Trip

This is part four of a seven-part series that takes an in-depth look at Blake Middle School’s 2010-2011 academic year; goals for 2011-12 academic year; a new bell schedule; personnel changes; China trip and the transition to a new principal.

Editor's Note: Medfield Patch will provide a summary of Robert Parga’s end of the year report for Blake Middle School and take an in-depth look at goals for the 2011-12 academic year; Blake’s upgrades in technology; the school’s China Trip; A new bell schedule and personnel changes. We will conclude the series with the transition from Parga to as Blake Middle School principal. This is part four of our seven-part Blake Middle School series.

For three weeks beginning in the middle of October, nine Medfield students and two teachers will visit Bengbu, China as part of Medfield's China Exchange in the China School Exchange Initiative program.

“Moving forward, another big step in our partnership with the school in Bengbu will be taking place in October,” former Blake Middle School principal Robert Parga said. “Very excited to send a bunch of students and teachers to Bengbu for about three weeks.”

Para gave a brief recap of the China School Exchange Initiative:

“We have done administrative exchanges, teacher exchanges, we hosted 10 students from Bengbu last fall and we started planning about a year ago to send students to Bengbu in October,” Parga said. “We are sending nine total students, six from Blake and three from the high school, along with Maura Batts (Middle School teacher) and Tracy Allen (Blake Guidance counselor). They will all be headed to Bengbu in mid-October.”

Parga said there was a meeting in June where students were able to exchange information for the first time and determine who their host families were going to be.

“I’ve talked to two students already and they’ve been Skyping with their host families so those communications will be taking place over the next several months in anticipation for our travel,” Parga said.

Parga reflected back four years ago when the initiative was first introduced and said the progress to date has been “very exciting.”

“I’d go back to when we started this and now that we are at a point where we are sending students is very exciting news,” Parga said. “I look forward to seeing and hearing everything they are going to be able to do during their time there.”

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