ZBA to Close Public Hearing on 40B Project Tonight

Today is the deadline for the Board of Appeals on Zoning to close the public hearing on the affordable housing project proposed off West Street.


The Zoning Board of Appeals is expected to close the public hearing tonight on a 96-unit affordable housing development proposed off West Street.

"The Parc at Medfield" would include four buildings of one, two and three-bedroom rental units on 9.22 acres of land near the former Potpourri building between West Street and Route 27, according to the Executive Summary of Gatehouse Group LLC's application filed with the state.

The hearing will start at 7:30 p.m. at the Town House.  The ZBA will then have 40 days from the closing of the hearing to render its written decision to the applicant. 

The ZBA is expected to hear from the town's financial consultant regarding the financial implications of the waivers sought by applicant. 

The Medfield Superintendent of Schools expects the project could add as many as 80 students to the school system (more than the 60 students noted in Gatehouse's application) but the financial implications of the project on the school district or town will not be part of the financial consultant's report and cannot affect the board's decision, according to town officials.

Town Counsel Mark Cerel said the consultant would not analyze the economic impact on the town or the school system, but would focus only on "what's legal and relevant; it's strictly whether or not the project is economical" for the applicant. 

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