ZBA Continues Public Hearing for Proposed Affordable Housing Project

The Board of Appeals on Zoning will meet tonight at 7:30 p.m. in the Chenery Room at the Town House.

The Board of Appeals on Zoning will meet tonight at 7:30 p.m. in the Chenery Room at the Town House for the sole purpose of discussing the affordable housing project proposed off West Street.

The applicant, Gatehouse Group LLC, has proposed to build 96 units of affordable housing between West Street and North Meadows Road (Route 27), a garden-style complex of four buildings on five acres to be called "The Parc at Medfield." 

At its last meeting, the applicant agreed to an extension until Oct. 31 so that the board could meet with additional consultants.

Tonight, the ZBA will meet with the applicant as well as the ZBA's Planning Consultant, Judi Barrett, and Legal Consultant, Mark Bobrowski, to discuss progress and the results of working sessions the Planning Consultant held. 

The board hopes to meet with a financial consultant after Gatehouse submits its final project plans to the board. At that point, according to ZBA representatives, "His review is strictly limited to the figures presented by the applicant regarding the cost of the project to the applicant verses the revenue they are permitted to receive."

At the ZBA meeting last month regarding this 40B project, residents expressed concern that the project will cause a drain on town finances, however, the law prohibits the ZBA from considering the financial impact of the project during the permit process. 

For a full agenda, click here

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