VIDEO: Mitt Romney's 'Awkward' Visit to Medfield in 1994

The Huffington Post recently published a video interview between Mitt Romney and a teen reporter at Medfield Day 1994. The video, on Youtube, was uncovered by Buzzfeed.

Did you know Mitt Romney, GOP candidate and former Massachusetts Governor, visited MEMO's Discover Medfield Day in 1994 during his campaign to take Ted Kennedy's seat in Senate?

And that his visit was documented via video? There's more ...

Romney was interviewed by teen reporter Ken Cole and the video has found a home on Youtube and now, thanks to BuzzFeed, the footage has been mainstreamed for all to see.

The Huffington Post saw the "awkward interview" on BuzzFeed and ran with it – literally – publishing Romney's less than stellar exchange with the reporter in town at the 1994 Discover Medfield Day.

Alana Horowitz's story on the Huffington Post, "Mitt Romney's Awkward 1994 Interview with Ken Cole," shares the politicians shortcomings caught on camera in Medfield and at other public gatherings over the years. Here's an excerpt from Horowtiz's piece:

"Mitt Romney: great at choosing haircuts, not so great at human interaction. ... [the interview is] riddled with such conversational gems as the following: 'How do you like this music behind us right now, huh?' Cole asked. 'I like music of almost any kind, including this,' replied Romney."

Thanks to BuzzFeed and Huffington Post, Medfield Patch readers can see Romney's "awkward" visit to Medfield by viewing the video above.


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