Town Denies Application for Taxi License

Selectmen unanimously denied the application based on the recommendation of the Chief of Police.


Based on the recommendation of the Medfield Chief of Police, the Board of Selectmen, at its meeting Tuesday night, unanimously denied an application for a hackney license in the town of Medield. 

the board had discussed the application but continued the discussion until its next meeting so applicant Walid Makouk could meet with Police Chief Robert Meaney Jr. who, on Jan. 3, had recommended the board not approve the license based on information he discovered on a background check of the applicants.

The partners currently operate a cab company in Dedham. 

On Jan. 3, Chief of Police Robert E. Meaney Jr. sent a memo to the Board of Selectmen opposing the license.

I have completed a background check into the driving record of Mr. Walid M. Makouk [and] Mr. Mohamad Halwani. Both individuals have extensive driving records in Massachusetts and I do not believe that they should be licensed by the Board of Selectmen to operate a taxi in Medfield. 

At the meeting Tuesday night, Meaney reiterated his concerns to the board.

Meaney said he could not comment specifically on what he found in the background check but said that what he did find "didn't impress me." 

He said that, when any town department presents an individual to him to see whether they should drive a vehicle or not, he looks at the driving history and asks...

"If that person, who is licensed by the town of Medfield or is driving for the town of Medfield, gets hit in the back end and they were not at fault but because it's a town vehicle now their record is public record, will the town be compromised or embarrassed that that person is driving?" Meaney said. "I'm not comfortable with either of the individuals." 

Meaney said he does not think there is a large demand for a taxi service in town.

The Board of Selectmen unanimously denied the application.

Makouk did not attend the Jan. 29 meeting. 

walid m. makouk February 04, 2013 at 11:00 PM
it is to bad the chief of police took it upon him self to deny and decide the fate of the applications for the taxi by mr makouk and halwani. even though one of the partners mr makouk in specific have an oustanding track records being a licensed hackney in all of the following towns norwood milton and the city of boston and he is self represented to the state of mass. with a current and valid mass. driver licence issued to him by the dmv but has nothing to represent the town of medfield as he is currently service and provide a good appreciated service to the people of medfield through private list of customers whom he is honored to know in one on one long time service and friendship and he could have some of them attend the board meeting and put out this recommendation to whom the chief mention only as" individual".enough that mr makouk was there for the meeting but the "chief" did not even bother by either showing up or even try to contact the "individual" or even send a letter direct to mr makouk or even attempted contacting mr makouk by mail or email even by telephone even though mr makouk had furnished all of that .thank you chieff for nothing. warmely walid makouk
walid m. makouk February 04, 2013 at 11:07 PM
thank you medfield


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