Thompson Says Thank You and Bids a Fond Farewell

Ann Thompson is not seeking re-election after 30 years on the board.


After 30 years on the Board of Selectman, Ann Thompson chaired her last meeting Tuesday night. 

She is not running for re-election next week. 

Thanks to everybody in Medfield for letting me serve for so long in so many capacities; I really appreciate it...Thanks to all you guys who put up with me, and to my family and friends who put up with me doing it. I really appreciate the opportunity to serve.

And serve she did. 

Thompson was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her many volunteer contributions in town over the years. There will also be a . 

In addition to serving 30 years on the Board of Selectman, before that she served five years on the Warrant Committee, on the Board of Library Trustees, the Warrant Committee, a CPR Instructor, a Girl Scout Leader, the Medfield Home Committee, the Medfield State Hospital Reuse Committee, the Original High School Booster Club, as a Medfield school volunteer, MEMO (Medfield Employers and Merchants Organization), attending Eagle Scout programs, the Original St. Edward's Parish Council, as a Medfield TV interviewer, the Medfield State Hospital Mediation Committee, the Home Committee, as a St. Edwards Church CCD teacher, Parish Council member, usher, and co-chair of the Prayer Shawl Ministry, the Friends of the Medfield State Hospital fund-raiser, as a Memorial Public Library volunteer, as a SNARC volunteer, as an American Cancer Society fund raiser, as a Library Trust Fund trustee, and the Lions Club.

Among her many accomplishments over the years, she:

  • Spearheaded a successful drive to install sidewalks on South Street Extension
  • Provided leadership to the Boosters to get the scoreboard installed at the Medfield High School football field.
  • Taught CPR to thousands of people over 30 years.
  • Knits scarfs which are sold from a Medfield Day booth to benefit cancer research.
  • Helped organize and drive a "Performing Artists Series" which brought different music artists to the town to raise money, and also got the Boston Pops to perform in town.

At Tuesday's meeting, Thompson was presented with a bouquet of 30 roses -- one for each of her years as a selectman -- and received a standing ovation from the audience. 

She recalled some "highs and lows of being a selectman." 

1. Over the years, she has made good friends with those who sat beside her on the three-member board. 

2. She worked on the addition to build the current library and later add more space to it. 

3. She taught CPR for 30 years which she knows saved at least three or four lives. 

4. Low point -- Mark Wilson. A "low" was a surprise write-in campaign by Mark Wilson. Thompson was running unopposed but someone called her on election day to tell her about Wilson.

It was an absolutely miserable time. The vote was so close we had to have a a recount. 

5. High point -- Don Hayes. At Thompson's recognition ceremony on March 10, Hayes asked the audience:

Question: What do Ann Thompson, Lindsey Lohan, O.J. Simpson, Mike Tyson and Zsa Zsa Gabor have in common? 

Answer: They all had to do community service.

6. When she was serving with Bob Larkin and Ken Fields, the meetings used to be at 5 p.m.

7. Outspoken resident Paul Hinkley. They often disagreed on issues but at one meeting, Hinkley took the microphone and agreed with Thompson.

"I told them, the world is about to come to an end: Paul Hinkley and Ann Thompson agree on the same thing," said Hinkley.

8. Selectman Bob Larkin. 

He had not served with a female before so he didn't know how to address me so he called me "The Madame" until Mike Sullivan told him what that was. 

One year, the selectmen marched in the parade behind the Clydesdales. Larkin was excited about his new shoes until he soon stepped in a Clydesdale's mess.  

9. Outspoken Fred Rogers. 

If I made a vote he didn't like, my phone would ring the following morning...and he'd chew me out from top to bottom. And he always wanted an "Ann Thompson for Selectman" bumper sticker for the back of his wheelchair. 

The Board of Selectman, Town Administrator Michael Sullivan, and others thanked Thompson for her many years of service. A formal reception will be held on Saturday. For tickets, email 


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