State Rep. Winslow Scores Early Win in House Budget

Governor Deval Patrick's plan to close Bay State Prison in Norfolk was recently rejected, which is good news for Medfield's State Representative Dan Winslow.

House budget drafters have rejected Governor Deval Patrick's plan to close Bay State Prison in Norfolk. The decision is a win for State Representative Dan Winslow (R-Norfolk), who had vowed to fight the proposed closing to reduce prison overcrowding and protect local jobs.

"With prisons in Massachusetts at 143 percent over capacity, it made no sense and posed a public safety risk to correctional officers, inmates and the public to close a prison," said Winslow. "We spend more than $42,000 annually per inmate and have a 60 percent rate of recidivism in Massachusetts.  We need to put 'correction' back into the department of correction and use the space we have more wisely."


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