Should I Call NSTAR When the Power Goes Out?

Yes. NSTAR tells customers to call the company when the power goes out, and not to rely on a neighbor to make the call.

What to do in the case of a power outage.
What to do in the case of a power outage.
After his monthly meeting with officials from NSTAR, Comcast and Verizon in an on-going effort to have the double telephone poles removed from Medfield streets, Selectman Richard DeSorgher reported the following information regarding power outages due to storms. 

Original post by Selectman Richard DeSorgher...

NSTAR made it very clear that people need to make sure they call NSTAR if their power is out. DO NOT THINK SOMEONE ELSE IS CALLING. Areas first served are those areas where they get the most calls. Do not call the police for a power outage unless there is an emergency. To report a power outage call the number on your bill (1-800-592-2000). It is the “squeaky wheel” that gets the oil in the case of power outages. The more people call, they quicker they know there is a problem, to what extent and the quicker they will respond to make the needed repairs. So if you lose power call 1-800-592-2000 and report the outage.


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