Selectmen Reports: Paramedic Services, Art Exhibits and Medfield TV Show

Members of the Medfield Board of Selectmen and Town Administrator Michael Sullivan shared their reports of town happenings at the Oct. 4 Selectmen meeting.

Medfield Board of Selectmen chair Osler "Pete" Peterson brought up the issue of the town paying for paramedics services rather than its current EMT services at the Oct. 4 Selectmen meeting. 

"The question is whether or not the town would be interested in paying whatever the extra amount of money is for a paramedic service versus an EMT service," Peterson said. "I think [working out the costs and seeing what it is] is worth doing and at least showing that to the town and help us decide if that’s the sort of thing they’d be interested in."

The topic was met with hesitation to discuss publicy from selectman Ann Thompson and Town Administrator Michael Sullivan, who agreed those discussions are better suited behind closed doors in negotiations rather than in a public forum.

"It is a little awkward to discuss it outside of negotiations," Sullivan said. 

Peterson said he was simply asking whether the town wanted paramedics services rather than EMT services.

"I'm just interested in getting some more information about it," Peterson said. "In Medfield, we have EMT service. What I understand the difference is between EMT and paramedic services is the EMT can’t administer medicine, can’t give you medicine if you’re in pain. The benefit of having a paramedic service is they can stabilize you and then transport you."

Thompson said the discussion is walking a very fine line and that it was a matter to be brought up for negotiations. 

To read more on Peterson's thoughts about paramedics services in town, read his blog post here

Proposed Art Exhibit to be Displayed throughout Town's Cultural District

Sullivan said a woman involved in last year's art exhibit in the Vine Lake Cemetery reached out to the town to propose an art exhibit be displayed throughout Medfield's Cultural District.

"Medfield Cultural Council wants to sponsor an art exhibit," Sullivan said. "It’s called the 'Gateway Trail to Medfield.' One artist does art exhibits, primarily through the center of the cultural district, which runs from Zullo Gallery down Main Street to the cemetery and bump out toward the Meeting House Pond and finishing at the Unitarian Church. They’d like to try and set up some type of conjunction with the library program and they wanted to know what the town’s feeling was for using the area between the and the , the gazebo area, and perhaps the Meeting House park for using those to display art exhibits."

Peterson said the art exhibit sounded like a "great idea" and while he didn't know the town would get out of it, he said it "has to be something good."

The Medfield Cultural Council will meet on Oct. 18 with the Board of Selectmen to discuss the proposed art exhibit further. 

Thompson's Medfield TV Show Debuts

Selectman Ann Thompson's TV show "Medfield People" debuted on Medfield TV and can be seen on Channel 8 (Comcast) or Channel 47 (Verizon) during the following air times. Thompson's first guest was former Medfield selectman Harry Pritoni.

"My first victim was Harry Pritoni, who was really fun," Thompson said. "Harry was a selectman and I asked him what his least favorite topic to come before the board was and he said the same one I did: dog hearings."

Peterson Talks Medfield Energy and Lyme Disease Committees

The Medfield Energy Committee has met and organized itself by prioritizing the list of the nine topics it is looking at to help the town this year, according to Peterson. To see more on the Energy Committee's meeting, click here. 

Peterson credited the Lyme Disease Study Committee for being "well organized" .

"They’ve interviewed all the hunters, checked hunters through the police and they’ve assigned areas for each hunter," Peterson said. "It’s mainly on town property and the Trustees of Reservations properties." 

Civil War Walking Tour at Vine Lake Cemetery Set for Oct. 15

The that was expected to take place at Vine Lake Cemetery in September but was postponed due to rain, will be held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 15. 

"David Temple swears it will not rain on the 15 of October and they will be resuming their walk," Thompson said. "That’s the part of the cemetery near Route 27 and Dale Street."


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