Selectmen Deny Taxi Application and Support Equestrian Use at State Hospital

Here is a glance at the highlights from the Board of Selectmen's meeting on Jan. 29, 2013.


The Board of Selectmen met on Tuesday. Here is a glance at the topics discussed at that meeting.

All selectmen -- Ann Thompson, Mark Fisher, and Osler Peterson attended the meeting.


Met with Gil Rodgers and Roz Smythe, members of the Norfolk Hunt Club, to discuss the club's efforts to regain access to the former Medfield State Hospital site for equestrian use. Selectmen voted unanimously to endorse the project and send a letter in support after Peterson has had a chance to review it. 

Met with Medfield Public Library Director Deborah Kelsey regarding the FY14 budget. Kelsey described a budget that represents a 3.95 percent increase. The increase reflects the library's five priorities this year:

  1. Maintaining hours of operation -- Library needs to be open 53 hours a week to retain certification. 
  2. Handling the volume of interactions -- library lends over half a million items annually
  3. Providing service and safety on all all three floors.
  4. Providing appropriate staffing (by keeping at least one staff member on each floor at all times) and providing cross training amongst the librarians.
  5. Maintaining and repairing the building.

Town Administrator noted that a nearly four percent increase "is higher than the guideline that the Warrant Committee was hoping." 


Denied the application by Walid M. Makouk and Mohamad Halwani for a taxicab license town. Selectmen voted unanimously after a presentation by Police Chief Meaney to deny the application based on his recommendation. 

Discussed the application of Ronad Spear of Mansfield to be appointed a Constable in Medfield. 


Heard an update on the mediation sessions with the Commonwealth regarding the former Medfield State Hospital. Next session is Jan. 31. 

Coming up...

Next meeting is Feb. 5 at 7 p.m. To date, agenda includes:

  • Application of Wine and Malt Beverage for 270 Main Street, and
  • Meeting with Robert Borelli and his attorney regarding use of Lot 3 off Ice House Road
  • Joint meeting with Planning Board regarding placement in town of medical marijuana dispensaries. 
Joanne February 04, 2013 at 02:30 PM
I am hoping the proposal will come up to turn the Lord's site into a Trader Joe's!!


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