Selectmen Allocate Money to Trap Beavers

Selectmen set a budget of $1,500 to trap beavers that are building dams in locations that are then causing problems for residents.

The Board of Selectmen has set a budget of $1,500 to try to control the town's beaver problem.

Beavers have been causing trouble at several locations in town, said Town Administrator Michael Sullivan, particularly off Brook Street (near the Hinkley Swim Pond), down South Street (along the Stop River), and off Harding Street.

Sullivan informed the selectmen at their meeting last week that it is now beaver trapping season and the trapper will charge the town a $500 set-up fee then $100 per beaver it traps.

According to trapping guidelines, the trapper will check the traps each day and remove any captured animals. 

The board voted to set a maximum amount of $1,500 for this year's trapping. Officials said the money would likely be taken from the selectmen's budget. Selectmen said that amount could be adjusted, if need be. 

Despite attempted remediation, the beaver problem will likely continue to be a problem.

"It's something that's going to be with us for a long time," Sullivan said. 

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