Rigid Plastic Recycling is Solid Hit

The Medfield Transfer Station is now accepting rigid plastics like children's furniture, clothes baskets, etc., and has recycled more than two loads in the short time the program has been in effect.

The transfer station is now recycling rigid plastics and, so far, it has been a solid hit.

Department of Public Works Ken Feeney said that, in the short time the program has been up and running, two and one-half loads of rigid plastics have been removed.

Recycling rigid plastics results in a savings to the environment as well as a savings to the town since it is two and one-half loads less that needs to be hauled to the incinerator, and the for hauling trash is $74.10 a ton versus recycling at $35 a ton.

A special area labeled “Clean Rigid Plastic Only” is located to the right of the large household trash building.

Casella Recycling has issued these guidelines:

Acceptable Plastics:

  • All 1 and 5 gallon buckets with metal handles attached
  • All plastic drums, totes & empty garbage cans (any size, with or without metal)
  • Milk/soda crates, laundry baskets, lawn furniture
  • Plastic toys and playhouses, children’s electronics, pet carriers
  • Plastic pallets, shelving, coolers, closet organizers
  • Plastic landscape and microwave trays, flower pots (no soil)

Non-Acceptable Components:

  • Glass, metal, wood, paper, clothes, Styrofoam
  • Poly-coated paper (orange juice and milk cartons)
  • PVC pipe/tubing, vinyl siding
  • Plastic film (grocery bags and stretch film)
  • Flexible water hoses, hazardous material, medical waste
  • Narrow-neck liquid containers, used mouthwash containers
  • Small plastic containers (yogurt cups, PET/HDPE bottles, etc)
  • No organic contamination


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