Recent Storms Take Toll On Medfield Snow Budget

Town's snow budget continues to take a hit this winter.

This has been a winter for the record books as 72.15 inches of snow has fallen on Medfield this season, according to Medfield Weather

February's first storm hit Medfield for 9.75 inches and brought a messy wintry mix of sleet and freezing rain, . There have been nine snow days in 2011 with another storm possibly hitting the area on Saturday and another early next week, according to the National Weather Service.

This winter season has provided many around town with plenty of headaches and sore muscles from shoveling, but it has also been a season full of frustration for the Department of Public Works and the town administration handling the snow budget in a recession.

"This is going to be a colossally bad year for the town's snow budget," said Selectman Osler L. Peterson. "I expect that the DPW is as tired of all the snow as the rest of us are, but we really need to thank them because they have cleared way more snow than any of the rest of us."  

Department of Public Works Superintendent Kenneth Feeney estimated the cost of this week's snowstorm will cost the town around $30,000. The DPW had 25 to 30 workers out clearing the snow around town. The Board of Selectmen declared the town in a "snow emergency" at its Jan. 25 meeting and said the budget will need at least an additional $200,000 to get through the winter. 

Peterson also spoke of his own snow removal efforts this winter and gave a winter tip to fellow residents.

"Personally, this winter I have gotten to know my snow blower and its idiosyncrasies really well," Peterson said. "[Wednesday] I also cleared the snow off the edges of my roof above where the ice dams had formed along the gutters with my snow roof rake.  Doing this keeps the melting snow water from backing up behind the ice dams, going up under the shingles and into the house.  I will loan my roof rake out to anyone who needs it – it will be in the snow bank outside my garage – just bring it back so others can use it too."


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