Poll: Halloween Postponed in Medfield Until Friday

Halloween, i.e. trick-or-treating has been postponed in Medfield until Friday, Nov. 4, according to Medfield town officials.

The following is a press release from the Town of Medfield Office of the Board of Selectmen:

Town of Medfield officials met Monday morning and have decided to postpone Halloween until Friday, Nov. 4.

Several factors resulted in this decision, all of them based on safety, according to the press release.

"Many neighborhoods still do not have power and NSTAR cannot tell us when power will be restored. We feel it is reasonable to believe that power will be restored by Friday," the statement said.

Further safety issues from have factored into the town's decision.

"There are still downed wires in yards, on roads and on sidewalks throughout the town, creating a very hazardous situation," The statement said. "In addition, broken trees and branches are still suspended in trees and wires, again creating a hazardous situation."

Furthermore, the power outages make unlit houses and neighborhoods "a potentially unsafe situation for children to trick-or-treat in," the statement said.  "Cold temperatures Monday will allow for the possibility of icing, making an already unsafe situation even worse."

Town officials said they trust residents will understand their safety concerns regarding this decision and will have a happy and much safer Halloween on Friday, Nov. 4.

Jose October 31, 2011 at 10:29 PM
Mass confusion! Some people know of the change others do not. Some kids might just come twice! Halloween is Halloween, lets not be a bunch of weenies! It's stupid that were trying to change the date of Halloween just because of a few inches of snow, this is the North after all. You are all a bunch of fools if you think we should move Halloween to Friday. Are we going to call Santa and tell him to wait a day to bring the presents because it's snowing and he might get hurt? Are we going to call the Easter bunny and tell him not to come because of a little dew on the grass that could cause him to slip? The choice is yours. Maybe we have just a little too much government. It's a stupid idea. Thank you for you time.


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