Peterson: Zip Trip Thoughts and Lyme Disease

Medfield selectmen Osler Peterson shares his thoughts on last week's Zip Trip and shares information on Lyme Disease in his blog: Medfield 02052.

Fox News took over the park behind the Gazebo last Friday for four hours and entertained thousands from Medfield by doing so. There appeared to be plenty of on-site activity by residents when I was there before 7 a.m. and judging from the comments I have heard, it was of great interest to many more.

From what I saw when I was there, the Fox crew deserves kudos for a well-planned and well oiled roll out of the Medfield iteration of their regular Friday feature. It certainly hit upon and captured much of what most seem to think makes Medfield so special.  Nice to see Medfield getting some wider exposure.

Lyme Disease - Walpole Says No Thanks: 

I reached out through a former Walpole selectman to ask if Walpole would join with Medfield in culling deer to reduce Lyme disease. The selectman had the Walpole’s Board of Health agent call me, and she said their Board of Health got an invitation from the Dover Board of Health to join a regional effort to cull deer so as to reduce Lyme disease, but then read the early May article in the Boston Globe magazine, which said there is no scientific relationship between the number of deer and the amount of Lyme disease and decided to not proceed. I passed this information along to the chair.

To read more posts on Peterson's blog, "Medfield 02052," click here


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