Medfield’s Veterans’ Plaque Committee Looks to Honor Korean War Veterans

The committee has set a target date of Nov. 10 for the unveiling of the planned Korean War Veterans plaque to be displayed at Dale Street School.

Bob Maguire, a Medfield Veterans’ Plaque Committee member and Superintendent of Public Schools, had a vision to honor and recognize Medfield’s war veterans with plaques displayed at each of the town’s five schools.

The committee’s first project of , was an overwhelming success met with plenty of support throughout town. As a result, the committee moved forward with Maguire’s vision and set its sights on the next project: A Korean War veterans’ plaque.

“It turned out our fundraising was pretty successful last year and we had some funding left from the original plaque that we did,” Maguire said. “The committee established a goal in the spring after we had got together following the festivities from the World War II one and had a conversation about trying to do a similar plaque for Korea.”

The committee members from the World War II veterans’ plaque project have remained the same and came together again to work on the Korean War plaque to mirror the World War II plaque on the other side of the doorway at . The committee members are Maguire, Nancy Kelly-Lavin, Veterans’ Agent Ron Griffin, veterans Tony Centore and Lee Tredway and town historian Richard DeSorgher.

“We are well on our way to trying to achieve a mirroring plaque on the Dale Street School, on the opposite side of the doorway for Korea,” Maguire said.  “A lot of work has already been done by Richard [DeSorgher] and some other members and the Veterans’ Agent to research the names of the people that should go on the plaque.”

The committee has researched the names that should be on the plaque and is obtaining a proposal from a plaque manufacturer. The replacement plaque will be in bronze, 30 x 48 inches and located outside the Dale Street entrance, mirroring the plaque that was erected to honor World War II veterans.

Similar to students’ involvement during the World War II veterans’ plaque unveiling just before Memorial Day, Maguire said holding the ceremony the Thursday before Veterans’ Day will enable students to engage in historical lessons of sacrifice and community in addition to the importance of veterans.

“It will have a nice tie-in to something that is historical,” Maguire said. “It will be something done at [Dale Street School] and probably involve the kids at some level. …The timeframe for when the Korean conflict was going on would’ve [involved] people that were attending Dale then.”

Medfield Legion Beckwith Post 110 Makes Contribution to Korean War Plaque

Medfield American Legion Post Commander Frank Iafolla presented a $500 donation to the Veterans’ Plaque Committee at its September meeting.

“The Post has expressed positive support for this effort and this donation along with many others will enable the planned Korean War Veterans’ plaque to be unveiled on Nov. 10 at the Dale Street School,” Iafolla said. “Legion members took part in the earlier ceremony honoring World War II veterans this past Memorial Day. It was a great day for Medfield veterans.”

Accepting the Legion’s contribution was Veterans’ Plaque Committee member and town Veterans’ Agent, Ron Griffin.

Donations being Accepted for the Korean War Plaque and Future Veterans’ War Plaques

Tax-deductible donations for this project and future projects can be made out to the Medfield Foundation, 459 Main St., Medfield, MA. Please note on the check or enclosure “Veterans Plaque Fund.”  Donations can also be dropped off at . In addition, the committee hopes all Medfield military veterans will contribute to this important town project.

“We established a vision of moving forward and creating something that would be a similar type of memorial [World War II plaque at Dale Street School] at each one of the schools,” Maguire said.


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