John Kerry Nominated as Secretary of State

On Friday, President Obama nominated Senator Kerry as his choice for Secretary of State.


Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, who currently chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has been nominated for Secretary of State by President Obama.  

During the nomination, President Obama credited Kerry, 69, with "having played a 'central role' in foreign policy debates for the past three decades, including ratification of the START nuclear treaty with Russia," according to abcnews.com

Kerry was first elected to the Senate in 1984, and re-elected in 1990, 1996 and 2002, according to Biography.com. He ran for president in 2004 against George W. Bush, and lost. 

Other notable accomplishments:

  • Graduated from Yale in 1966
  • Earned the Silver Star, Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts while serving in Vietnam
  • Served as head of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War when he returned in 1970
  • Has strong relationships with many different heads of state, according to CNN.com
  • Traveled to Pakistan to improve strained relationships, including after the raid that killed Bin Laden


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