List Prepared for Vietnam Veterans Honor Roll

Vietnam veterans who attended Medfield High School will be honored on a plaque outside their former school. The community is asked to review the list of names for accuracy.


In early November, Medfield's Vietnam veterans will be honored with a plaque to be located outside the former Amos Clark Kingsbury High School (now the Thomas A. Blake Middle School) at 24 Pound Street. 

The Vietnam plaque will be similar to the plaques at Dale Street School which honor the WWII and Korean War veterans who attended that school when it was the Hannah Adams Pfaff High School.

The Medfield Veterans' Plaque Committee is creating a list of the the men and women who attended Medfield's high school and who also served in the Vietnam war between February 28, 1961 and May 7, 1975. 

Medfield Troop 10 Eagle Scout candidate of having the Vietnam Memorial located outside the front of the school, in the grassed circle where the flagpole is located.

Marble's plan, adopted by the committee, includes a paved walkway and a viewing area centered around the existing flagpole. Marble's effort is part of his application for an Eagle Scout Award. The committee is currently investigating a stone monument with a bronze plaque inset within this paved area.

The committee has compiled a list of 132 Vietnam War veterans and is asking the community to review the attached list.

The committee includes Superintendent of Schools Robert Maguire, Nancy Kelly-Lavin of Lord’s Dept Store, Town Historian Richard DeSorgher, Blake Middle School Principal Nathanial Vaughn, American Legion Beckwith Post 110 members and veterans Lee Tredway and Tony Centore along with Veteran Services Officer Ron Griffin.

The committee asks that, if you know a name that is not on the list but should be, you e-mail the Veterans Services Officer at rgriffin@medfield.net

  • Roger Adams
  • Kent Agven
  • Laura Arzberger
  • David Ashe
  • Michael Bak
  • Stuart Beebe
  • James Blake
  • Robert Bryan
  • Malcolm Bryce
  • Richard Buckley
  • Michael Burgess
  • William Callachan
  • Richard Carlson
  • Richard Catenacci
  • Robert Cheesbrough
  • Patrick Clancy
  • Thomas Clancy
  • Timothy Clancy
  • Wayne Clive
  • Jeff Cook
  • Rodney Cook
  • Jeff Coon
  • Kenneth Crowell
  • Richard Davidson
  • Charles Dennis
  • Richard Devens
  • Michael Dinapoli
  • John Donahue
  • Michael Donahue
  • Harold Economos
  • Jay Frank
  • William Franke
  • James Fraser
  • Thomas Gates
  • Paul Gattoni
  • Chris Geddis
  • Robert Gentili
  • William Gilbert
  • Ronald Goguen
  • Gerald Gottberg
  • Carolyn Goucher
  • Thomas Greenwood
  • Alan Hastings
  • Dan Hedges
  • John Henderson
  • Stephen Hinkley
  • Joe Horgan
  • Michael Horgan
  • Thomas Horgan
  • Gerald Houlihan
  • Lloyd Highes
  • Robert Hurd
  • Charles Huyler
  • Francis Iafolla
  • Richard Iafolla
  • Peter Iafolla
  • Glenn Jackson
  • Gordon Jackson
  • Brian Jacobs
  • Steven Janney
  • Stephen Johannessen
  • Peter Johnson
  • Graeme Justice
  • Michael Keating
  • David Kenyon
  • Stephen Kenyon
  • David Kingsbury
  • Kevin Knehr
  • William Knowles
  • Harold Knowles
  • Michael Kristof
  • Peter Kristof
  • William Lacorte
  • Peter Langevin
  • John Laracy
  • Steven Larsen
  • Joe Lento
  • Willilam Lewitt
  • Stuart Little
  • Kraig Magnussen
  • Donald Mailing
  • Paul Mailing
  • Ronald Mailing
  • Al Manganello, Jr.
  • Walter Marr, Jr.
  • Robert Marshall
  • Robert Martin, Jr.
  • Frank Martino, Jr.
  • James McMahon, Jr.
  • James McNicholes
  • Philip Minnaert
  • James Motes
  • Edward Newhall
  • Gail Nyren
  • John O’Connell, Jr.
  • Joe Ouellette
  • David Paterson
  • John Quinn
  • Walter Reynolds, III
  • Robert Rodgers, Jr.
  • Donald Rogers
  • John Roman, Jr.
  • Steven Roney
  • Robert Ross
  • Robert Seaward, III
  • Robert Seeley
  • Paul Shea
  • Ernest Simpson
  • Bruce Sittig
  • David Sloan, Jr.
  • Thomas Sloan, III
  • Joseph Smith
  • Robert Souza
  • Peter Squires
  • Christopher Stagg
  • Bruce Stone
  • George Sweeney
  • Richard Timmerman
  • Richard Toubeau
  • Michael Tredeau
  • Robert Van Wart
  • Marvin Vliet
  • Joe Volk, Jr.
  • Arthur Walker
  • Walter Warchol
  • David Weir
  • John Weir, III
  • Paul Weir, Jr.
  • Gerald Wills
  • Jim Woodlock
  • Karen Woodlock
  • Robert Woodward

Donations for the project can be made out to “Medfield Foundation” (with "Veterans Plaque Fund" in the subject line) and mailed to 459 Main Street, Medfield, MA 02052, or can be dropped off at .

Belinda Parise October 26, 2012 at 03:43 AM
Please tell me that all these names are people who died in Vietnam
Trish Knowles Lubold November 10, 2012 at 02:38 PM
Medfield should be so proud of this dedication. My brothers r listed George (billy) Knowles and Harold (Jimmy) Knowles. Billy was never the same after he returned from vietnam and he past before reaching 40. Jimmy is well stayed in Hawaii when his enlistment was up. Vietnam vets have finally received the thanks from America they all deserved long ago.
Jim Knowles November 10, 2012 at 08:30 PM
To my good personal friends Steve and Pete from Medfield that died. I have visited you both at "The Wall" in Washington long ago along with other friends I served with that are there with you. It is my great honor to have my name on the same memorial with you now in Medfield. All my Aloha, Jim Knowles


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