Downtown Study Committee Discusses Lord's Impact, Water Rate Increase, Medfield Car Wash $90k Update,

Here's a look at meetings going on around town tonight.


There are a few meetings going on in Medfield tonight that might interest you. If you attend, circle back and let us know what you thought. Have any questions on the agendas?

Would you like Patch to follow up on something in particular? Tell us in the comment section below. 

Highlights of tonight's various meetings include:

6 p.m., Downtown Study Committee, Town House, Warrant Room (location subject to change)

  • Update on Lord's Department Store
  • Update on Mobil site

6 p.m., Water & Sewer Enterprise Fund, Town House, Warrant Room

  • Discuss possible need to increase water and sewer rates

7 p.m., Water & Sewer Commission, Town House, Warrant Room

  • Town Counsel to discuss the Gulf Station/Appellate Tax Board matter
  • Hospital water well update
  • Hospital water tower/DEP/DCAM update
  • Letter from residenett at 7 Hale Place
  • Update on High Street water main break
  • Rate setting for affordable housing project 

7 p.m., Conservation Commission, Town House, Chenery Room

  • Montrose School, review plans for redevelopment/reconstruction of existing building to an Arts and Athletic Building within area of Vine Brook.
  • West Mill LLC for redevelopment of existing concrete mixing operation near unnamed brook and bordering vegetated wetlands.
  • Certificate of Compliance for CVS

7 p.m., Medfield Energy Committee with Sagewell, Town Library

  • Residents are encouraged to bring a copy of their home's thermal imaging photo found at www.sagewell.com. The purpose of the evening is to translate the reports to see where you're losing energy, learn how to improve your home's efficiency, and to learn about state and federal incentives available to help with energy conservation. 

7:30 p.m., Board of Assessors, Town House, Assessors Office

  • Abatements
  • Exemptions
  • Assessor's Policy for Deferrals
  • Excise
Medfield Resident January 17, 2013 at 09:14 PM
This whole thing is *SO* misleading. This thermal imaging stuff is being done by a FOR-PROFIT BUSINESS that is trying to SELL YOU PRODUCTS AND SERVICES THAT YOU MAY OR MAY NOT NEED. If you attempt to find the thermal scan of your home on their web site, they will require that you agree to "an in-home energy assessment:" Let me translate that for you: "if you sign in to their web page you agree to have a salesperson come to your home use and try to sell you something." BTW, there is a slight work around if you don't want to waste your time sitting down with one of their salespersons at your home. Use the map function available on the sagewell web page at this link: http://www.sagewell.com/property_search/mapview/home-owners Then zoom in on the map to Medfield and find your neighborhood. You will see a map with images of homes that were scanned in your area (not all homes were scanned...you had to give your consent to be scanned and many people did not consent). Click on the home you're interested in. And remember: when you agree to a thermal image scan by a for-profit business, you are just giving away one more piece of your family's privacy. An intrusive image of your home is now available on the internet to the whole world, downloadable and thus permanent for others to see.
GM January 18, 2013 at 04:03 PM
Regarding your request for possible follow-up topics -- Any interest in developing an article on the impact new businesses have had on existing businesses in town doing basically the same things? Dunkin Donuts' opening within shouting distance of Donut Express is an example of something that has already happened. Does Honey's coffee shop have any thoughts on Starbucks moving in across the street? We have some long-standing local small businesses in town that may not have been here as long as Lord's, but they still represent important parts of what is a very small commercial dimension of our town. There are probably legal limits to what the town can and can't do with regard to "controlling" the entry of competitors to our existing businesses, but it seems like we should be giving our existing local businesses consideration in what happens and work to promote their continued success where we can.
CMP January 18, 2013 at 04:31 PM
Couldn't agree more with GM. Zoning defines the legal limits, but those bylaws can be changed. Zoning is like a foreign language to me, but it just seems that if other towns can find a way to have a vibrant downtown area with local businesses, Medfield can too. There are many examples out there. "Slippery slope" is such an overused term, but that's exactly what we're on right now with Lord's about the leave.


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