BOS Meeting Notes: Refusal to Plow, Appointments, Demolition of Odyssey House, and More

Here is a summary of the last Board of Selectmen's meeting according to Selectman Richard DeSorgher.

Selectman Richard DeSorgher. Credit: Theresa Knapp.
Selectman Richard DeSorgher. Credit: Theresa Knapp.
The following is a summary by Selectman Richard DeSorgher of what happened at the last meeting of the Medfield Board of Selectmen. If you would like to receive DeSorgher's newsletter, visit his website at desorgherselectman.com/

Summary of Selectmen’s Meeting 12/19
By Richard DeSorgher

A suggestion was sent to me via e-mail asking if, at the end of each selectmen’s meeting, I could give a brief “bullet” summary of what took place at the meeting.  I will continue to expand on particular issues but here is a brief summary of what I observed taking place.

1. Transfer station Holiday hours:
Christmas Day- Closed; /   December 26, 27 & 28- Open
New Years Day-Closed / January 2, 3, 4 -Open

2. Special Election, Jan. 7 (Prec 3 & 4 only) to elect a new state representative.

3. Michael Thompson, Paul Trumbour & Sharon Judge appointed to Grist Mill Committee.

4. Current owner of the former Lords, who will soon lease the building to Roche Bros, will not plow Lords parking lot during winter. The back lot was always used for library parking.  Without use of the back lot, there would be limited library parking. Selectmen voted to have the town plow the back lot and a plowed way into the back lot from South Street. We also instructed town counsel to draw up a legal agreement with the owner giving the town permission and seeking owner to cover all liability.

5. New’N Towne given one-day wine and malt beverage permit for their Jan. 6 event.

6. Signed agreement between DCAMM and Mass. Historical Commission for the demolition of the old farmer’s house (Odyssey House) on the grounds of the former Medfield State Hospital. Demolition, at the state’s expense, is scheduled for February.

7. Selectmen voted to  contact Senators Warren and Markey in support of U.S. House bill HR3588, exempting fire hydrants from the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act. The request came on the advice of DPW Director Ken Feeney.

8. Selectman Peterson spoke about the Medfield Cares About Prevention Committee looking into drug and alcohol abuse in Medfield. He had a copy of a town meeting article in Needham amending the town by-laws to state “no person shall possess or consume marijuana on town property.” This is in light of recent laws legalizing medical marijuana. Selectmen voted to sent a copy of the by-law to Chief Meaney for his input.

9. Selectmen signed Medfield application to become a Tree City.

10. Selectman DeSorgher will meet with Columbia Gas officials and our DPW in demanding the gas company repair Adams Street from West Street to West Mill Street that they dug up a couple of years ago putting in new pipes. They left the road in a disgraceful condition with a ditch and pot holes running down the street. They have a responsibility to return the road back to the good condition they found it. That is in addition to four large pot holes along Main Street they also created during their pipe replacement work.

11. Selectmen discussed Roche Bros’ willingness to put up a sizable amount of money to install a partial brick (2 foot brick border along the curbing-same as was done on Pound Street) and partial cement sidewalk from their parking lot on South Street around to Main Street and as far as the entrance to the library. The Aesthetics Committee and Bob Kennedy of the DPW will work with Roche Bros on the design and contractor. Town and Roche Bros. engineers will meet concerning ADA requirements and layout. This would be a private business and town partnership enabling the town to use private monies to partially fund the project. The idea, instituted by the Aesthetics Committee, will result in a beautiful sidewalk and tree grate project to beautify the downtown, making economic sense and making the downtown more attractive to the public and business.

12. Selectmen discussed concerns on Upham Road, made especially narrow due to the snow banks. With cars parking on both sides it is nearly impossible for two cars to pass each other. Selectmen will request the police chief to contact area parking lots to see if agreements can be made to have those working at the Thomas Upham House park in those nearby lots.

13. Selectmen looked at a list of 101 dogs in Medfield that have not been registered, despite repeated attempts by the town clerk to collect the license fee. She requested selectmen help in what to do with those who refuse to pay for a license. Some have not payed for years. The total loss of town revenue is now in the thousands of dollars.  Mike Sullivan will look into the possibility of putting a lean on the person’s house or taking legal action. Under town by-laws all issues relating to dog licensing are under the town clerk.

14. Selectmen DeSorgher met with representatives of NSTAR, Comcast and Verizon concerning the removal of the double telephone poles in Medfield. The monthly meetings have resulted in an agreement to have all the double poles removed by the spring. NSTRA and Comcast have just about completed removing all their wires with Verizon to follow. When all the wires are removed, NSTAR will come back and remove the old telephone pole. In other discussion, NSTAR officials told about the need of town residents to call NSTAR if they lose power. Do not think someone else is calling. The hot line number (found on your bill) is 1-800-592-2000. Selectmen voted to have that number placed on the town web site.


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