State Hospital Vandalism, Drunk Boyfriend, Gun Shots, Someone in House, and More

Here's a glance at the Medfield safety log for May 17 and May 18.


Here's a look at the police log for Friday and Saturday.

Friday, May 17

4:52 p.m., Bow Street. Caller said she found a yellow lab on Bow Street, she will take it to the animal shelter.

5:10 p.m., Main Street. Traffic enforcement at Main and South Streets. Ended at 6 p.m.

5:10 p.m., Main Street. Traffic enforcement at Main and North Streets. Ended at 5:59 p.m.

5:35 p.m., mutual aid. Dover Police asked Medfield to check on an alarm coming from the Dover-Sherborn High School. At 5:37 p.m., Dover police cancelled the alarm call. 

7:08 p.m., West Street. Caller reported a minor car accident at West and Adams Streets. Paper work exchanged.

7:13 p.m., Lowell Mason Road. Caller reported a suspicious vehicle parked near Johns Avenue. Police said it was all set.

8:37 p.m., Main Street. Caller asked police to come to the house to talk to her son. Police said it was a disagreement and he spoke to both parties.

11:54 p.m., Longmeadow Road. Caller said reported a sedan speeding up the street and now parked on the street. 

Saturday, May 18

1:21 a.m., Upham Road. Caller asked police to check on a woman who lives on Upham Road with her boyfriend who is drunk. 

2:16 a.m., Main Street. A woman called 911 because she thought there was somebody in her house. She was upstairs in her bedroom; dispatch stayed on the phone with her until police arrived. Police said the house checked out okay. 

8:44 a.m., Vine Brook Road. E911 caller said he heard gun shots in the area of Flint Locke. Police said there is construction in the area and he may have heard nail guns.

12:11 a.m., Caller reported a problem with a catch basin in the library parking lot.

1 p.m., Cross Street. Caller reported a suspicious white pickup truck in the area; the driver was getting out and walking up to the houses in the area. Gone on arrival.

3:02 p.m., Main Street. Walk-in report of harassing calls from the 620 area code. Man said he is getting calls regarding a package that is ready to ship but he hasn't ordered anything.

3:31 p.m., Upham Road. Doctor asked for a well-being check on a patient on Upham Road. The patient said she had a high fever now the doctor can't reach her. Police spoke with her son; no transport needed.

3:39 p.m., Frairy Street. Caller reported a young boy plyaing on the railroad tracks. Police spoke with a few youths who were just hanging out. They were sent on their way.

3:41 p.m., Hospital Road. Caller reported a group of kids at McCarthy Field hitting golf balls. Police spoke with them and they are on their way.

4:15 p.m., Main Street. Minor car accident in the CVS parking lot.

5:12 p.m., Noon Hill Road. Caller said she saw two kids on Noon Hill Road walking into the woods with guns. She didn't know what kind of guns. Police spoke to the two youths.

5:49 p.m., Spring Street. Traffic enforcement at St. Edward's Church.

5:56 p.m., Indian Hill Road. Report of annoying phone calls. 

8:12 p.m., North Meadows Road. Caller said the Boy Scouts are doing a sleepover canoe trip and they will be parked at the boat launch.

10:00 p.m., Hospital Road. Medfield State Hospital security reported some vandalism to one of the buildings, and he thinks they are still there. Police responded and saw a 2005 Toyota Highlander parked near the railroad tracks. The car was registered to a Main Street address. At 22:46 p.m., police went to the Main Street address to speak with the owner of the car. At 10:58 p.m., police left the house. 


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