Snow Causes Many Accidents; Also, Dead Cat, Injured Hawk or Owl

Here's a glance at the Medfield safety log for Jan. 15 and Jan. 16.

Tuesday, Jan. 15

12:02 a.m., Emerson Road. Caller said his wife fell and needs help getting up. Medfield Fire responded; no transport needed.

12:34 a.m., North Meadows Road. Police noticed the gate to the transfer station was open. Area looked okay. 

11:28 a.m., Emerson Road. Caller said that someone came to her door on Monday at 4:45 p.m. She was frightened and didn't answer the door but she was concerned. She was told to call police if it happened again.

1:14 p.m., West Mill Street. Walk-in report of a plow stolen from a business within the last 10 days.

1:27 p.m., North Street. Caller reported a dead cat in the road near 330 North Street.

3:15 p.m., Main and Brook Streets. Caller reported an injured hawk or owl on Route 109 near Brook Street. Animal Control was notified.

4:57 p.m., Noon Hill Road. A No Trespass order was forwarded from the Medfield Sportsmen's Club to someone in Needham.

9:22 p.m., Main Street. Caller reported a white male who is swinging a bat outside Palumbo's Liquor Store. Police said this was a worker from the store hitting a ball to his co-worker in the parking lot.

Wednesday, Jan. 16 (snow flurries)

5:34 a.m., Pine Street. Caller reported a car was off the road near the "S" curve with no personal injury. Wrecker was called for the 2008 Acura MDX 4x4. 

6:02 a.m., Main Street. Caller reported an accident at Main and Pound Streets involving three cars -- 1997 Toyota Corolla, 2011 Subaru Forester, 2010 Acura MDX. Medfield Fire took one patient to Norwood Hospital.

6:13 a.m., Philip and South Streets. Caller reported a car accident with no personal injury. A 2009 Cadillac was towed.

6:42 a.m., Main and Bridge Streets. Caller reported a car accident between a 2001 commercial van and a 2006 Toyota Highlander. Millis ambulance tended to the patient.

7:05 a.m., Main Street and Birch Lane. Dover Police reported a four-vehicle crash with no personal injury on Main Street near Birch Lane. No tow needed for the 2000 Toyota Corrolla, 1996 Jeep Cherokee, 2003 Nissan Altima or the 2002 Honda Accord. 

7:07 a.m., North Meadows Road. Caller reported a car accident on North Meadows Road near the Sherborn town line. Gone on arrival.

7:37 a.m., Pound Street and Robert Sproul Road. Caller reported that there is no crossing guard at this intersection. There was one there when the Police Chief checked.

7:37 a.m., South and Metacomet Streets. School crossing guard requested an officer to the Medfield High School because she is having a large traffic problem with vehicles and busses coming and going at the high school.

7:46 a.m., South Street. Caller reported a school bus/minivan broken down near the area of the hill. Unfounded.

8:17 a.m., Ledgetree Road. Caller reported a car accident and there was no one in the 2003 Volkswagon Jetta when it hit an NSTAR police. Police confirmed she slid into the pole. 

8:33 a.m., Frairy Street and Upham Road. Caller reported a car accident with no personal injury at this intersection.  

11:28 a.m., Cutler Farm, North Street. Caller requested an ambulance for a female in her 40s who fell off a horse in the barn. Medfield Fire will take the woman to Needham Hospital.

12:43 p.m., West Mill Street. Walk-in report of a car accident between a 2010 Toyota Tundra and a 2012 BMW. 

4:01 p.m., West Mill Street. Caller witnessed a Lexus SUV dump what she believes to be a television on the side of the road; police do not have additional information.

5:37 p.m., Main Street. Caller reported a minor car accident in Shaw's. 


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