Stolen Baby Formula, Stuck Hawk, Burning Lamp, Missing Child, Negligent Driving

Here's a look at the Medfield safety log for Jan. 25 and Jan. 26.

Friday, Jan. 25

12:48 p.m., Wight Street. Caller reported water coming from the side of the house. Police and Fire noted it was a broken pipe and turned off the water to the pipe.

2:10 p.m., Ledgetree Road. Caller out for a walk reported a black lab running around the area. Animal Control was notified and was en route.

2:35 p.m., Indian Hill Road. Caller said that someone had stolen some tools from his pickup truck sometime between 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. on Jan. 24. 

2:43 p.m., Newport Lane. Someone called the Fire Department to report "some kind of alarm going off" in the neighborhood. Medfield Ambulance reported it was a faulty smoke detector.

3:04 p.m., Eastmount Road. Caller reported "some kind of bird" in his back yard that was stuck in some kind of netting. Animal Control said it was a hawk and she freed it.

3:29 p.m., Miller Street. Lifeline reported a woman had fallen and was hurt. Medfield Fire took her to Natick Hospital. 

4:43 p.m., Flint Lock Lane. E911 caller said there was something burning in her house and she does not know what it is. She called back at 4:43 p.m. to cancel the Fire Department because it was a lamp burning and she unplugged it.

5:17 p.m., Loeffler Lane. Caller reported a trash bag in the middle of the street and some glass. Police removed the bag to the side of the road. Highway Department will be contacted in the morning.

8:18 p.m., Pleasant Court. Caller reported a suspicious vehicle -- 2010 Toyota Corolla -- at the corner with his dome light on. Police noted the license plate number, called the owner, and left a message.

10:16 p.m., High Street. E911 caller reported a two-car crash -- 2007 Pontiac and a 2012 Nissan -- on High Street by Plain Street. Police are seeking a summons for a 43-year-old Framingham resident for negligent operation of a motor vehicle. 

10:49 p.m., South Street. E911 caller reported a family disturbance. Peace restored.

11:35 p.m., High Street. E911 caller reported a motor vehicle accident on High Street near Walpole. Wrecker requested. Cars involved were a 2010 Toyota Tacoma and a 2012 Buick Regal. 

Saturday, Jan. 26

10:01 a.m., Haven Road. ADT reported a house alarm activated. Police said it was accidental by homeowner.

3:32 p.m., Main Street. Caller requested an ambulance for a woman who needs to go to the hospital. Medfield Ambulance took her to Norwood Hospital. 

4:36 p.m., Spring Street at Curve Street. Caller reported smell of gas in the area. Fire Chief Kingsbury reported that he spoke to the gas company the other day and there is a bad valve. Later, at 6:15 p.m., a caller reported a smell of gas near Maple Street. Fire Department contacted the gas company who reports it was checked out and there is a leak.

4:44 p.m., Main Street. Millis Police reported two subjects had just shoplifted from the CVS in Millis and are in a Toyota RAV4. Medfield Police said nothing came into town on Route 109 fitting that description. 

4:50 p.m., Dale Street. Caller reported a smell of gas at Dale Street near Frairy Street. Fire Department reported that no gas leak was found. 

5:42 p.m., Main Street. E911 caller from CVS reported a male subject just stole baby formula. He was with a short white female subject and there was a subject driving the car. Police reviewed security tapes and checked the area for a dark colored two-door car, possible Saturn, with pop-up headlights. Police in Walpole, Westwood and Millis were notified. At 7:15 p.m., a BOLO (be on the lookout) was issued. Police seeking a summons for a 38-year-old Webster resident for shoplifting more than $100 by asportation. 

6:10 p.m., North Street. Caller said she just got home and there was a note left by her son saying he went out for a bike ride almost one hour ago. Police saw the boy on North Street; he will be heading home. 

7:55 p.m., Frairy Street. Caller reported "a lot of cars" parked on Frairy Street nd up Cottage Street. Police said there was no problem with the parking. 

8:09 p.m., Millbrook Road near Gun Club Road. Caller reported a suspicious vehicle -- dark minivan -- in the area with a male subject inside. Gone on arrival.

10:46 p.m., Adams Street. E911 caller reported a strong odor in her backyard, this has happened in the past. Police investigated and said it could be a problem with the septic system.


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