Summons Issued After Harassment, Wife Missing for Days, Water Tower Overflowing, Med-Flight After 4-Wheeler Fall

Here's a glance at the Medfield safety log for Jan. 27 and Jan. 28.


Sunday, Jan. 27

12:16 a.m., Adams Street. Caller reported a suspicious vehicle -- 2007 Jeep Liberty -- parked on Adams Street.

8:10 a.m., 8:15 a.m., 5:16 p.m., Spring Street. Traffic control at St. Edward's Church. 

9:26 a.m., Main Street. Traffic control at United Church of Christ.

10:59 a.m., North Street. Caller reported a disabled motor vehicle near the Mobil station. 

11:52 a.m., Main Street. Caller requested an ambulance for an elderly woman having trouble breathing. Medfield Ambulance took her to Framingham.

2:37 p.m., Hospital Road. Caller reported there is water coming out of the top of the water tower at the Medfield State Hospital. Police contacted the Water Department who said it was the overflow.

4:07 p.m., mutual aid. Millis Police called for the Medfield ambulance which is now en route to the South End Pond in Millis for a subject who fell off his four wheeler. Medfield Ambulance is clear from Millis; Medflight took the subject. 

5:16 p.m., South Street. Caller reported a car "all over the road" on South Street Extension heading toward Route 27. The black Crown Victoria was gone on arrival. 

6:51 p.m., Indian Hill Road. E911 caller reports her mother has a severe nosebleed. They are applying pressure and have ice on it. Medfield ambulance took her to Newton-Wellesley Hospital. 

7:58 p.m., Wilkins Glen. E911 caller asked for an ambulance to take a female having a seizure to the hospital. Westwood and Millis ambulances were notified. Westwood ambulance took patient to Norwood Hospital.

9:13 p.m., Wilkins Glen. Police responded to a family disturbance. Peace restored.

Monday, Jan. 28

5:22 a.m., Charlesdale Road. Caller said he had not heard from his wife in a couple of days. At 6 a.m., Medfield Police spoke with Norwood Police regarding the woman who lives in Norwood with a friend. At 6:25 a.m., Norwood Police said they had spoken with the roommate and the woman is in the hospital. 

7:47 a.m., High Street. E911 caller said he had a fire under his vehicle (2004 BMW). At 7:59 a.m., the area was clear. 

8:07 a.m., Marlyn Road. E911 caller asked for an ambulance for his wife (age 65) who had fallen and has a cut on her head. She is alert and talking. Medfield ambulance took her to Norwood Hospital.

8:50 a.m., North Street. A private investigator said he would be working in town today.

9:24 a.m., Laurel Drive. E911 caller requested Medfield EMTs check her husband (age 85) who has had breathing problems for two days. They spoke with someone at the Council on Aging who requested they call the fire department. At 9:55 a.m., the man was clear; no transport needed.

11:06 a.m., Lilac Lane. Walk-in report of annoying and harassing phone calls, and a violation of a court order. Police are seeking a summons for a 40-year-old Dedham man for violation of harassment prevention orders.

11:43 a.m., Rustic Lane. Caller said there was a dead animal on his property. Animal Control was notified. 


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