Police Log: Runaway Found in Shaw's, Window Salesmen in Belknap Estates

Here's a glance at the safety log for Dec. 17 and Dec. 18.

Monday, Dec. 17

1:22 p.m., South and Curve Streets. Caller reported a large branch in the road. Medfield Tree Department will remove.

1:55 p.m., Hearthstone Drive. Caller reported two young men, one with a backpack, going door to door in the neighborhood. Police discovered there were five men who were selling windows for Power Home Remodel Group. They were told to stop selling until they received a permit from Town Hall.

1:55 p.m., Dale Street and Adams Street. Man came into the station to say he would be taking pictures of the traffic near the Dale Street and Memorial schools for a proposal to the town.

2:47 p.m., North Street. Caller reported a dog in a car with the windows all the way up parked in the lot next to the post office. Animal Control was notified and said there was no problem.

3:32 p.m., Walden Court. Caller reports his carbon monoxide detector is going off. It has a new battery in it. He read the owner's manual which told him there was carbon monoxide in the house. He will wait outside for the fire department. Medfield Fire determined the air was fine and it was a faulty detector. 

4:55 p.m., West Street. Caller reported a car accident with property damage at West Street and Route 27. No personal injury. A wrecker was needed for a 2006 Taurus. 

5:10 p.m., Hartford Street. Dover Police called to say a 13-year-old runaway might be inside Rocky Woods; they are waiting for him to come out of the woods. Medfield Police checked Pine Street. 

5:52 p.m., Main Street. Caller reported a car accident on Main Street at Medfield Commons. 

6:29 p.m., Main Street. The Shaw's manager called to say he was told that the 13-year-old runaway from Dove might be in the store. Police found the boy inside the store at 6:38 p.m.

7:08 p.m., South Street. Caller reported heavy smoke in the area of South Street Extension and West View Road. Medfield Fire said it was smoke from a wood stove.

11:38 p.m., Pleasant Street. Caller requested an ambulance for his wife who was having stomach pains. Medfield Police and Fire responded. Medfield Fire took the patient to Norwood.

Tuesday, Dec. 18

6:35 a.m., Wood End Lane. E911 caller reported a strange truck in the area. Police discovered the man works for Best Buy and was dropping off a new television to a neighbor. 

6:51 a.m., North Street. Service provider into station to check on the building generator; he said there was no problem with it.

9:02 a.m., Miller Street. Roberts Mitchell Funeral Home requested an escort to the Westwood town line. 

3:11 p.m., mutual aid. Millis Police asked for one of our cruisers to block Route 109 and Exchange Street due to a car accident.

3:20 p.m., Adams Street. Caller reported a strange car (dark blue) in front of her father's house. Gone on arrival.

8:15 p.m., Miller Street. E911 caller reports the woman she takes care of might be having a heart attack. Medfield Fire responded and took patient to Natick.

10:31 p.m., North Street. Medfield Fire had a walk-in medical patient and took that person to Norwood Hospital. 


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