Police Log: Repossession, Man Drove Through His Garage, Empty Bathroom

Here's a look at the Medfield safety log for Jan. 4 and Jan. 5.

Friday, Jan. 4

2:51 a.m., Main Street. Caller reported an injured deer on Route 109 near Lovells. At 3:02 a.m. police saw the deer in front of 70 Main Street. Animal Control was notified and "put down the deer." The highway department will remove the deer.

5:35 a.m., South Street. Traffic enforcement yielded two citations.

8:48 a.m., Indian Hill Road. Caller reported footprints around her residence and a storm screen door was pushed in some time last night. Caller said they were not there yesterday. At 9:06 a.m., police learned the son had locked himself out of the house last night.

11:14 a.m., Pleasant Street. Repossession company said they will be repossessing a car on Pleasant Street.

11:20 a.m., Forest Street. E911 caller said he drove through the garage and took out the support columns; no injuries. Medfield Police and Fire responded as did the building inspector.

12:39 p.m., Philip Street. Walk-in delivery of a letter of disinvite for a Bellingham resident.

1:58 p.m., Upham Road. School bus driver reports kids on the ice at Meeting House Pond. Police discovered kids were throwing snowballs but no one was on the ice; kids were spoken to.

4:47 p.m., Main Street. Caller from convenience store asked the fire department to check on a subject in the restroom who has been in there for a while and will not answer. Public safety discovered there was no one in the bathroom.

5:07 p.m., Brook Street. Caller said she received a text from her babysitter who asked what she could give her one year old for a breathing problem. Medfield Police and Fire responded. No transport needed.

5:21 p.m., Main Street. Sunoco Station reported a gas drive-off; the driver was in a black Mercedes heading toward Westwood. Police contacted the Westwood and Dover police departments. 

6:39 p.m., Tubwreck Drive. E911 caller said her grill is on fire. Medfield Fire took care of the fire.

9:38 p.m., North Meadows Road. Sherborn Police reported a car "all over the road" on Route 27 heading toward Medfield from Sherborn. Gone on arrival.

Saturday, Jan. 5

2:03 a.m., Nebo Street. Cell caller said he is behind a car that is all over the road. They then turned onto Fieldstone Road. Gone on arrival.

9:56 a.m., Main Street. Police said they were flagged down by someone in the CVS parking area who found a bag containing used syringes and needles. Police took the bag to the Medfield Fire Department for proper disposal.

3:24 p.m., Caller reported a large group of people walking their dogs in the cemetery where it is clearly posted "no dogs" and she would like them removed. Police spoke with the dog walkers and notified them of the Nog Dogs policy in the cemetery. 

3:31 p.m., Main Street. Millis Ambulance reported that they have a black sedan following the ambulance while making an emergency run. They gave Medfield the license plate number but Medfield was not able to catch up with the vehicle. Westwood Police Department was notified. 


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