Police Chief Warns: Lock Your Vehicle

In this column, you ask and Patch answers. Last week's police logs indicated several break-ins in cars in Belknap Estates. Hear what Police Chief Robert Meaney Jr. says you can do to prevent theft from your vehicle.

After a rash of recent car breaks in the Belknap Estates neighborhood -- Belknap Road, Hearthstone Drive, Ledgetree Road, Wildwood Drive -- Medfield Police Chief Robert Meaney Jr. warns residents to lock their cars. 

"Always lock your vehicle, whether you are at work, running errands around town, at an area mall, the movies or in your own driveway," said Meaney. "Most of the time, people do not want to attract attention by breaking into your car so if the car is locked, they will move onto the next car or driveway."

However, Meaney said, if you have something of value in plain sight, a thief might consider the risk of gaining attention if the item is of significant value, "so leaving a computer, wallet or pocketbook in a car in your driveway is not a good idea."

In addition, Meaney said:

  • If you have a garage and there is room, make use of it. It is rare that a car in a garage is entered.
  • A motion sensor light where you park your cars is always a good idea.  

"Again, people doing this type of larceny do not want to be noticed," he said.

Meaney also said that, with the upcoming holiday shopping season, it is very important to lock your car while shopping and to use the trunk when possible.

"It is better to use a trunk for storing purchases because it is much more difficult to open a trunk than smashing a side car window and your purchases are not visible," he said.

And when shopping on the internet, he suggests having packages delivered to the house of a neighbor who is home during the day because, "Thefts of packages from doorsteps do occur."


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