Police Charge Two Who May Have Broken Into Medfield Home

Westwood police have charged two people with breaking into a Dover Road home on Oct. 9. Those people may have broken into a Medfield home on the same day.


Westwood Police have charged two people with breaking into a Dover Road home on Oct. 9. The man and woman may also be connected with a house break in Medfield on the same day.

A press release issued on Tuesday by the Westwood Police Department said that one individual, a 34 year-old Weymouth man, entered the unlocked Dover Road home while his 27 year-old female accomplice remained close by in a vehicle, awaiting the exit of the male from the home with stolen items.

"There is a possibility that these individuals were involved in a housebreak in Medfield," said Medfield Police Chief Robert Meaney Jr. "We have still not conclusively associated these individuals with breaks in Medfield, although that may occur as the investigation continues."

"What we have at this point is a Medfield resident who spoke to the woman mentioned in the article. The interaction occurred when the female knocked on the door and asked for directions. There was no housebreak at that address," Meaney said.

The following is a copy of the press release issued by the Westwood Police Department on Tuesday. 

Westwood Police Detectives worked closely with the Dover and Medfield Police, as it was believed, based upon crime scene investigation, the same two individuals were responsible for housebreaks in those communities on the same day as the Westwood housebreak.  Dover Police developed information based upon a report from a resident reporting a suspicious car in a neighborhood.  As a result of that call, Detectives were able to conduct an in-depth investigation and identified the parties and their involvement in housebreaks in Westwood, Medfield, Dover and Sudbury.  Police will not comment on the possibility of the pair being linked to other housebreaks in the area, as the investigation is on-going.    

Westwood Police Bill Chase was pleased with the developments.  “This case was brought to a successful conclusion because of the networking between neighboring police detectives, and it is satisfying to know that the suspects are being held accountable.”  Chief Chase also commended the Dover citizen who alerted authorities to the suspicious vehicle seen in the neighborhood, “We have been trying to reinforce the importance of residents calling the police when they see activity in their neighborhood that appears suspicious, and this is a great example of the community working with law enforcement to provide information to assist the police in keeping the community safe.”


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