Police: Body of Walpole Man Found at Noon Hill Reservation

Medfield Police found the body of a Walpole man in a "wooded area" of Noon Hill Reservation after investigating an apparent abandoned vehicle Wednesday.

have found the body of a Walpole man after , according to Medfield Chief of Police Robert E. Meaney Jr.

"As part of the investigative process, several individuals were contacted who might have information concerning a person that may have been using the [abandoned vehicle]," Meaney said. "As a result of the information that was developed, we were able to locate an individual in a remote wooded area, away from all trails [in Noon Hill Reservation] who was deceased. At this point, the investigation is continuing to identify the person. We want residents to know that there are no safety concerns and it appears that the individual acted alone."

On Wednesday, Medfield Police had noticed a grey Ford F-150 that had been parked in the sand pit area of the reservation overnight, leading Meaney to call for a "quick search" of the area.

"At approximately 2 p.m., it was decided to search the trails in the area in case someone was injured and needed assistance," Meaney said. "The responded and by use of an all-terrain vehicle as well as firefighters on foot, all of the trails in the area were checked without locating anyone in need of assistance."

Meaney told Medfield Patch Wednesday evening no one was found in that search and Medfield Police would continue to investigate the incident in hopes of locating the individual operating the truck.

On Thursday morning, Meaney informed Medfield Patch that with assistance from other agencies, Medfield Police had discovered the body of a Walpole man, in his mid-40's, Wednesday at approximately 9 p.m.

"The search and investigation was a joint effort between the Medfield Police Department, the Medfield Fire Department, the Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council and the Massachusetts State Police assigned to the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office," Meaney said.

Meaney said while the sand pit area of Noon Hill Reservation is a common parking area for trail goers, the fact the vehicle was there overnight raised suspicion and warranted a search.

"This is a common area for people to park and then walk in the woods," Meaney said. "There are many walking trails that cover a large area in this part of town. ... Medfield Police Department began to investigate [the] pick- up truck that had been parked overnight in [the] area off of Noon Hill Road."

Medfield Police are witholding the name of the man until all family and extended family members are contacted. Medfield Patch will publish the name when it is released.


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