Naked Man in Drive-Thru: And Other Weird Stuff

In other odd police news, we highlight some over-the-hill snowball throwers and a false ad that upset one resident.

He did get dressed for his booking photo.

Westborough police last weekend arrested a 34-year-old Hudson man after Dunkin' Donuts employees called them reporting he had just driven through the drive-thru naked. Police caught up with the man at a nearby McDonald's, also in a drive-thru, and also while he was (allegedly) naked. Lucky for them, no McDonald's employees saw the man exposed, as the restaurant was closed. The man was arrested and charged with open and gross lewdness.

"Hey, I'm living here!"

Imagine perusing some local ads and finding one that advertised your house for rent (when it was not for rent.) That's what one Northborough resident did this week, prompting a call to police notifying them of the ad and that the ad was false.

Apparently, you're never too old for foolishness.

Unfortunately, it's not unusual for kids to throw snowballs at passing cars. But men in their 20s? You don't see that as much. A caller from Milford reported two men in their 20s were throwing snowballs at passing cars; when police responded, they were gone.


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