Minor Diesel Spill at Main Street Gas Station in Medfield

Medfield Fire and Police responded to Sunoco Gas Station for a minor fuel spill Wednesday afternoon.

Medfield Police and Fire Departments responded to a call just before 1 p.m. Wednesday of a diesel fuel spill at Sunoco Gas Station at 212 Main St. next to Shaw's.

"I was expecting the worse when I got there," said Medfield Police sergeant Daniel Burgess. "I thought we were going to have to shut down the road and it was going to be a huge spill but it was only a gallon or two.”

 Medfield Fire Chief William Kingsbury and Engine 1 responded to the scene and worked near the creek past the parking lot.

“We had to stabilize the area,” said Kingsbury.

Burgess said the spill was mostly on the pavement and in the area of the gas station.

“Very minor [spill],” Burgess said. “We taped off the area of the gas station where the spill was to keep vehicles from entering. It was much to do about nothing.”

Kingsbury said after the area was stabilized a waste management crew would arrive to clean-up the fuel.

Sunoco Gas Station re-opened just after 2 p.m., allowing vehicles to fill up. The section of the gas station where the spill occurred remained taped off.


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